Why Is It ever Too Late To Learn a Musical Instrument

If you took a survey around the world and asked people how many of them would like to be able to play a musical instrument then you would get a response of over 90% without a problem. Of those people, however, there will be very few of them who do actually pick up an instrument or even try to learn how to play.

There are a number of reasons to why so many won’t try and one of those is that people have this notion that learning an instrument is only something which you do at school age, and if you didn’t then you missed your chance. The reality is however that you can pick up an instrument at any age and here is exactly why it is never too late to learn.

Why Not?

I was inspired to eventually pick up the guitar just after my 45th birthday after my friend Nick Herle actually bought one for me. He told me that he was sick of me moaning that I had never done it and that now was the time. It was at that point that I began to think ‘why not ?’ and that was enough for me to turn the corner. There is no age limit on music, there is no age limit on learning something new. If you are physically able to then you should always look to try new things to stay younger and to keep those creative juices flowing.


As we get older there are less things in our lives to keep us occupied and it is essential that we continuously look for hobbies to enjoy. At 45 I recognize that I have a lot going on, but when I am 75 I know that I am going to have much less in my life and I am going to want to make sure that I d all that I can to have go-to hobbies. I don’t fancy myself so much as a gardener so sitting down and playing the guitar seems to me to be a much smarter and more fun activity to have in my life.


The first time that I was able to play a song from start to finish was absolutely amazing and I was so incredibly proud of myself. This gave me such a buzz and each time I make progress or learn a new skill or trick I feel exactly the same. I would advise people of all ages to pick up a musical instrument if for no other reason than to get this little buzz when they discover that they can in fact play a tune and it sounds great.

We have to stop putting restrictions on what we can and can’t do based on age, be it travel, playing music, listening to music or making art, we are not defined by our ages but by our abilities and our desires, so go out there and play that instrument.

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