Your Guide to Texas Solar Tax Credit

There’s nothing like feeling called.

Some folks feel called to do right by their neighbour, and others feel called to put their oxygen mask on first. Both of which are crucial to our wellbeing.

This year, it’s all about putting money back in your pocket and knowing how to utilize your resources.

There’s no surprise that Austin, Texas ranks as one of the sunniest cities in America. Of course, there’s nothing American than a hot day out at the swimming hole.

Harnessing the sunshine in Texas goes beyond a cool dip on a hot day. Using solar energy in your personal life is a lot more lucrative than you’d think, making Texas a prime location for solar energy production.

Renewable industry and sustainable energy are the future. The solar energy business is booming, and so are its customer’s wallets.

With government incentives and an expert execution team, switching to solar energy is the easiest choice you could make today.

Let’s break down what it would look like for your home and your wallet.

Texas Solar Tax Credit

There’s always a catch until there isn’t. And when there isn’t, it’s hard to believe.

Having renewable energy access in your own home is an incredible feeling. It’s empowering to know your own resources. And beyond that, knowing that your home energy system has a major impact on the environment that surrounds it

A percentage of what it would cost you to install a solar energy panel would be reimbursed to you as a solar energy tax credit.

In December of last year, a bill was passed that outlines a 26% tax credit for solar energy panels and systems installed from 2020 to 2022.

To claim this credit, there’s an IRS form that you can attach to your federal tax return. It’s as easy as that. In order to receive that credit, you’ll need to work on going solar by the end of 2021.

When your solar panels are installed, you won’t be paying state taxes on the job. In Texas, that means you’ll have a discount of just over 6% to add to your massive pile of savings.

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Solar Energy Companies Texas

If you’re considering going solar, is your best bet.

A consultation will give the solar experts an idea of whether or not your home can be outfitted. For you and the safety of your loved ones, your roof will be inspected as well as your home’s electrical system.

Plans will be drawn up to maximize efficiency and set your home up for a solar energy system that fits your needs.

The installation will be scheduled, the project completed, and before you know it—your home is the most energy-efficient house on the block.

There’s a lot of pride involved with connecting your community. And it starts with conversations about how to actively work toward a safer, more fruitful environment.

One where your kids or grandkids can grow up enjoying the same fruits your generation did.

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Big Solar Energy

If you decide that the Texas solar tax credit is worth your time (and it is), at the bare minimum, you put a few thousand extra dollars back into your pocket.

And beyond the bare minimum, you get to engage with something bigger than yourself. The earth needs a break, and we can offer a little extra love to it by utilizing best practices in sustainable energy.

If this article convinced you to start your solar energy journey, check out our energy-saving content to learn more.

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