How to Find the Right Tax Accounting Firm for Your Business

If you’ve recently started a business, there are a thousand things on your plate right now. However, one of the most overlooked (yet important) duties is preparing yourself for yearend taxes.

Though you may have excelled in filing your own taxes before you were a business owner, things are different now. Business taxes are far more complicated than personal taxes.

There is a lot more room for error. Just as importantly, you could be missing out on valuable tax write-offs.

As such, we highly recommend working with a tax accounting firm to help you with your business taxes. They can help you save money, write off valuable expenses, and avoid fees and penalties.

But how do you find the right tax accountant? We can help you there. Keep reading for a quick guide on finding tax accounting firms near me.

Look at Their Credentials

First, make sure the tax accountant you’re considering hiring is fully qualified to take care of your tax accounting needs. The most common certifications are:

  • CPA – certified public accountant
  • CFA – certified financial analyst
  • CMA – certified management accountant

However, other certifications exist that can qualify an accountant to handle your business finances and taxes.

Read Customer Reviews

To find the best tax accounting firms, you should also look online to find client reviews. Discover what other local business owners say about the tax accountant you’re thinking about hiring.

Is the accountant knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient? Do clients recommend the accountant to other business owners? Do you see any red flags or common issues with the accounting services?

Consider Tax Accounting Experience

Next, think about the tax accounting firm’s experience in the industry. How long have they been working with local business owners to help them manage their finances and prepare their taxes? How long has the accountant had their certification?

While it’s okay to hire new accountants, you may want someone who’s spent more time learning the system and perfecting their trade. For example, check out WealthAbility to find an experienced CPA.

Ask About Availability and Accessibility

Next, understand that tax accounting and financial management is incredibly important to your business. Naturally, you need to be in constant communication with your tax accountant to make sure you’re on the same page and your company is doing everything right.

The tax accounting firm you hire must be relatively available and accessible to you. It’s probably a good idea to set up monthly or quarterly meetings to ensure things are going smoothly.

Consider Their Fees

Finally, when looking at tax accounting firms, think about your business budget. As a business owner, you’ve probably learned that you have to spend money to make money.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consult your budget before hiring a tax consultant. Look for a fully qualified professional that’s also affordable. While you should avoid shopping for the cheapest possible accountant, don’t hire one that’s charging an arm and leg for their services either.

Looking for a Tax Accounting Firm?

If you’re in search of tax accounting firms near me, follow our guide to find the best possible accountant for your business. Take your time and research each firm before making a decision. Remember, this is the business we’re talking about.

And if you want more valuable business or financial advice, don’t go anywhere. Stick around and read through some of our other blog articles to find the information you need. Our website was created to help business owners like you.

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