Exploring Al-Khobar – The Commercial Heart of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest countries in the Middle East, and is a pivot around which the cultural and religious identity of the region is centered. The capital city of Riyadh is well known around the world and boasts of some mind-blowing skyscrapers and its increasing openness towards business friendly investments. Towards the eastern province of Saudi Arabia lies the city of Al-Khobar, which is one of the three main cities in the Eastern Province and is also one of the largest cities in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area. It has a pleasant seaside atmosphere, relaxing beaches, shopping districts and much more. Once inside the city, one can immerse oneself in admiring the wonderful architectures, driving down one of the longest causeways, shopping to your heart’s content and then there’s plenty more to do in this commercial capital of Saudi Arabia.


Al Khobar has the distinction of having the largest airport in the world in terms of surface area: King Fahd International Airport. The city is connected to other major cities by wide and well built national highways and also has excellent sea transportation facility. Tourists can avail the ever attentive and efficient cab services at their disposal.

Top attractions in Al-Khobar

For the tourists, once the accommodation part is taken care of by searching for Al Khobar hotel booking on any leading search engine, there is a hoard of tourist attractions to be experienced.

To start with, the King Fahad Causeway in Khobar is one of the longest and most expensive causeways in the world. It links the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Bahrain. You will also find an amazing man-made island called King Fahd Passport Island at the mid-point of the causeway.

King Abdul-Aziz Center of world culture or iThra. It is one of the most significant attractions in the country which houses a museum, a children’s museum, a library, cinema and much more.

You can also see dolphin and seal shows at Coral Island, also known as Al-Marjan Island. It also offers amusement rides and a pool.

Finding the best hotels in Al Khobar

In order to get the best out of your travel experience, pick a hotel that meets all your basic needs and expectations and is also situated in a good location and neighborhood. Though there are plenty of hotels and accommodation available in the city like Le Meridien, Sofitel, Kempinksi etc, one of the best luxury hotels in Al-Khobar is Hilton Garden Inn Al Khobar which is located only 2.1 km from Al Rashed Mall and about 10 km away from city center of Al-Khobar.

Hilton Al khobar

Other Hotels in Al-Khobar such as Radisson Blu, located at around 0.4 km from Dharan Mall and 1.6 km from Al Rashid Mall and Al Gosaibi Hotel that is 1.1 km from Seef Hall and 1.4 km from Al Khobar Corniche are also good options.

Hilton Garden Inn Al Khobar offers a variety of room options to suit the guests’ requirements, including Family Room, Standard Room or Deluxe Suites. It boasts of luxurious interior designs and infrastructure, and is comparitively reasonably priced. As recognition of their exquisite service record, the hotel has garnered excellent ratings on top booking engines and websites. Hence, this can definitely be a nice option for you if you are looking for one of the best hotels in Al khobar.


Allthough the year 2020 has changed the way we look at travelling and leisure. But the world is slowly learning to rise again and taking appropriate precautions while travelling is of utmost importance. In addition to all the regular factors that existed before the pandemic hit the world, one has to keep in mind about the safety precautions for Covid-19 which include ensuring proper santization and safety rules being adopted by the hotel you choose. Most of the leading hotel chains around the world are doing their best to ensure health and safety of their staff and guests alike. While searching for Al khobar hotel booking on the Internet, above points need to be kept in mind.

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