How Snow Damaged Car Roof Can Be Repaired

Snowfalls and hail storms are common in many countries, and they can damage roofs of homes and vehicles. It’s not uncommon to see the roofs of cars damaged due to hail storms. In countries that experience severe snowfall or hailstorm, people need to take special precautions to protect their car roofs from damage.

The repairs of a car roof damaged due to snow or hail storm can be expensive for car owners. However, if you follow the right tips to repair your car roof, you can save your hard-earned money. Let us explore in this post some tips on repairing a snow damaged car roof.

Park your car in a sunny area

Parking the vehicle in a sunny area is a popular technique to reduce the hailstorm dents on any car. The heat from the sun causes the matter to expand. With the expansion of metal, the small dents pop out. The technique is like using nature’s oven to remove the dents on your car roof.

If you live in a cold place, you need to park your car for longer durations in the sun so that the roof metal can heat up and the dents pop out. However, if you live in a location with a warm climate, parking the car in the sun for a few hours will do the job.

Heating and cooling

Dents that form due to the impact of hail storms on your car roof always stretches the metal surface. That is why the heating and cooling approach comes in handy to reverse the damage due to hail storms. You can try the heating and cooling approach by using a heat gun and dry ice.

The method involves hitting the impacted area using a heat gun and then immediately applying dry ice for cooling the same area. The heat from the gun expands the metal, and the dry ice causes the rapid cooling of the same metal that makes it contract quickly. The quick heating and cooling cause the metal to pop out back to its initial position.

Pushing tools

Most car Body Shop professionals make use of long-handled pushing tools to repair the hail damage. These tools are available in the form of kits and designed to reach the underside of car body panels. You can use the pushing tools to push the underside of the dent until it pops back to its original position and disappears.

Use pulling tools

Many car professionals also use dent removal pulling tools or kits to remove the dents from the surface of vehicles. A dent removal pulling kit consists of a pulling handle, a glue-based gun and a number of plunges made to anchor the dents at any surface. The pulling tools are comparatively easier to use than pushing tools. However, they require gentle and careful handling to achieve the desired results on dented surfaces.

While using a pulling kit, you need to choose a plastic plunger of precise size and shape and glue it into the dent. Then attach the handle to the plunger and pull it gently towards yourself. Similar to the use of pushing tools, the pulling technique requires a long series of pressure applications to remove the dents from a car roof.

Dent removal kits

There are dent removal kits available at local auto supply stores. Dent removal kits are also available at motor markets and stores selling car spares. If you experience frequent hailstorms in your areas, you can buy a dent removal kit and remove the dent on the surface of your car roof anytime.

Call a professional to repair the dents

Another simple and convenient way to repair the hail damage on your car is to call a professional at your home. There are Body Shop professionals who are qualified and trained to repair the problems in the body of a car. The car Body Shop professionals may not be available in rural and semi-urban areas. If a professional is not available in your area, you may be required to take your car to a body shop.

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Take your car to a body shop

If you have a car insurance policy that covers the roof damage due to hail storms, you can contact the insurance company to file a claim against the damage. Dent repairs are not expensive, and you are guaranteed to get the cleanest dent repair work.

Final Words

Repairing a snow damaged car roof is not difficult, but you need to know what to do and use the right tools. Minor dents can be repaired easily at home using some tools. However, if the damage is significant and requires professional assistance, you should always consult a body shop professional to repair the hailstorm damage to your car roof.

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