6 Top Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses Success

Did you know that around 76% of users who performed a local search query visited a location within 5 miles of their search? This statistic alone outlines the importance of having a great local SEO strategy for your small business.

Whether you’re trying to outperform competitors or relying on local customers to grow your business, this narrowed approach is simply one you cannot skip. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

Best local SEO tips

Follow along to discover 6 of the best local SEO tips you need to make a splash in your local digital market.

1. Claim Your Google My Business Listing

First things first, get onto Google and claim your free Google My Business Listing. Yes, we said free! 

Every business, big or small, needs this vital listing for their local SEO. First, because it’s the easiest way to gain a legitimate and authoritative presence online, and second because this listing is how your business will appear on Google maps or even in the Google three-pack.

2. Show the World You’re Local

Next, you’ll need to make some small adjustments to improve your online presence to ensure consumers and search engines know where you are.

Include your address in the footer of your website, on a contact page, and in any social media profile blurbs. This will increase your chances of popping up when a local user searches for your services + near me.

3. Target Local Keywords

Just like regular SEO, your local SEO strategy will need to include some carefully researched keywords. The only difference is, your local keywords should include your location.

For example, let’s say you sell ice cream and use the target phrase ‘best ice cream’. To make this local, you’ll then want to tack on your specific location to hit the audience that will actually be close enough to stop by. This then becomes ‘best ice cream St. Petersburg’ for instance.

4. Create Locally-Geared Content

Beyond putting your local keywords into meta descriptions, tags, and product pages, you can up your ante by generating local content.

Blog about events going on in your area, touch on local problems, or simply brag up your town and location. The more you can include location-specific keywords and content, the higher your chance of appearing relevant in your area is.

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5. Build Local Links

Another great way to become a dominating presence in your local area is to acquire backlinks from other local businesses.

This could include getting involved with your community, trading links with local sites, or even guest posting on location-specific websites. Although building backlinks can be challenging, this is one of the best ways to build your off-page SEO and establish popularity to boost your rank.

6. Incorporate Technical SEO Tricks

Believe it or not, this top local SEO tip isn’t local at all. While your keywords and links will establish your location, you’ll need to ensure your website is optimized for both users and search engines.

This includes taking steps to improve your loading speed, build a URL structure, and even optimize your mobile experience.

If the technical side of SEO is challenging for you, this may be a great time to consider local SEO services. This product from SEO pros ensures your local SEO strategy is always at the top of its game.


Now that you know these 6 local SEO tips, it’s time to set to work. From local keywords to technical upgrades, we’re confident you’ll see success in your local market.

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