7 Best Destinations To Do Kayaking In Europe

Europe is a beautiful destination for water activities, including kayaking. Vast waters surround a large section of the continent, and there are also great rivers to explore. Kayaking is the best way to experience places that are not easily accessible on foot or car. Kayaking enthusiasts can explore the remarkable riverside escarpments while cruising on the waters.

Here are seven of the top destinations to go Kayaking in Europe.

Venice, Italy:

Venice is one of the most attractive cities around the globe. Kayaking the Venice canals is the best way to explore the city. The canals offer you a unique way to explore the entire city in style as you paddle through the waterway mazes. Maneuvering around the city allows you to explore the town’s history and some of the awesome nature.

Lagoons are, precisely, some of the unique natural features to explore as you paddle through Venice. You can book a kayaking tour to guide you through the various places where you will experience the taste of amazing food and take photos of the picturesque town.

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Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is a popular wine destination. The city has various places you can go for kayaking, including the Garonne, Gironde, and Dordogne rivers. Paddling along these rivers gives you a rare opportunity to view the vineyards at various points as you cruise down the rivers.

Here, you will find various wine tasting kayaking tours to experience. You do not need to plan for a kayaking trip and break it to enjoy the tasty wines pressed around the city. You can enjoy the beauty and nature right from the kayaking trip, and you can also plan your tour by renting a shop and preparing your tasty drinks.

Albufeira, Portugal:

Kayaking cannot be a complete adventure if there is nothing spectacular to see. Albufeira, a city in Portugal, is made up of magical islands you would not want to explore. The turquoise blue waters here will amaze you when you go sailing on your canoe and kayak.

The Algarve Coastline is one of the stunning features to see when paddling in Albufeira. After that, you should check out the caverns where you will explore the fantastic caves when paddling. If that is not enough, you can take pictures by the beach or go diving as a complementary adventure.

Noce, Italy

Noce is a river in northern Italy, popularly known as Italy’s leading river. You will discover classes 3, 4, and 5 rapids with mighty waves that improve the kayaking experience. Noce offers other attraction sites with cool geographical features and activities such as hiking.

Many mountain lakes and small streams flow down from the side valleys. Kayaking was the first whitewater sport developed on the Noce River, which is surrounded by walls and has a remarkable speed that increases and decreases at different points. Paddling down the river might become a bit tricky at various points because the river has strong and alpine rapids.

There are also hydro speeds run experiences there, depending on the water level, the experience, and the participants’ confidence. To help beginners improve their water skills, there are also kayaking courses that involve excursions to the river. In this way, the river becomes a fascinating place for a kayaking adventure.

Lake Saimaa, Finland:

The lake, which is the largest in Finland, has several islands and deep waters, making a place full of nature. It’s such a calm kayaking spot away from the city noise. In your kayak, you will notice the rise and fall of every wave and the ever-changing breeze. Due to the many inlets and islands, you will need a guide to explore the area successfully.

One of the exciting parts of it is the lakes’ openness that makes it possible to enjoy the wildlife around your kayak and canoe. Also, there are forests, starry skies, and crackles of campfires, which enhances the place’s tranquility. The best time for kayaking in this place is usually the early summer season when nature awakens to new life.

Lake Saimaa is a very vast region, and there is always the provision of detailed maps for the people not to go out of track. What makes this spot more exciting is the prevalence of the Saimaa ringed seal.

Tara Canyon, Bosnia:

Tara Canyon has gained worldwide attention for being the largest canyon in Europe. The splash of the river water pumps up your adrenaline. You can experience kayaking from both the upper and lower parts of the river.

However, the most exciting part is the lower part where there are more rapids due to higher water speed and currents. You can enjoy the scenery while floating because the river calms down at some point. The gorges are not very steep, and there are many forested banks as you glide through this fascinating place for kayaking.

Danube, Central Europe:

The Danube River rises from the Black Forest mountains of western Germany, and it flows through 10 countries. You can tour many places in Europe while still on your kayaking expedition. It is quite a long trip as the river is the second largest in Europe. The glide is flat, and it, therefore, requires much paddling. The Danube is an international waterway, and you do not need a permit to glide through.

Some dams can be a hindrance at some point, but that is no cause to worry. You will receive guidance on how to dodge them. The exciting part is that the water is flowing smoothly at one point, and the next minute you are battling headwinds as you enter different vicinities. It is going to be an enjoyable, kayaking experience.

In Summary

Kayaking is a unique water activity that attracts many enthusiasts around the world. Unlike other water sports, you can enjoy the surroundings as you paddle. Choosing the best kayaking destination is mandatory to ensure that you have the best experience of your life. That is why we created this list of the most amazing spots to kayak in Europe to spice up your adventure.

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