7 Ways To Prevent Your Android Phone From Overheating

Too hot to handle: is that how you describe your android smartphone from time to time? The situation is understandable because overheating the phone is one of the most common complaints of any android user. And, it’s not an issue that you should ignore. An overheated smartphone tends to run slowly, has a shorter lifespan, and runs out of its battery faster. Thus, you’re doing the right thing if you are looking for ways to solve this problem.

So, to help you out, here are the seven tips you can follow for preventing overheating of your android phone.

1.  Don’t leave the phone in the sun for too long.

Keeping your phone out of the sunlight is the easiest way for you to prevent its overheating. Your phone should not be used at a high temperature. The harsh summer sun will continue to heat the phone as you leave it directly under it for too long. If you find your phone too hot in the sun, move it inside to a cold place. Refrain from using the phone until it completely cools down. Remove the protective case to help it cool faster.

2.  Improper charging of your android smartphone.

If overheating of the battery is the issue, the phone’s backside will be particularly hot. You can check the battery temperature in the settings or open your phone’s back to check it. The normal temperature of android batteries is somewhere around thirty to forty Centi degrees. The phone battery gets overheated for two reasons. You might be using the wrong charging cable, or your phone is way too old. Use the original charging cable for the phone or get a power cord from a reputed brand.

If the phone is overheating even though you haven’t used it for long, it’s a sign of aging batteries. So, either get the batteries replaced or buy a new phone.

3.  Turn off all unused apps in the background.

Unused apps running in your phone’s background consume battery power and RAM storage. It makes your phone work harder than it needs to and generates an increased amount of heat in the process.

So, tap on the return button for closing the programs or click on the exit option from the app menu to make sure that the program stops running. In case you forget or don’t get the time to exit the app, remember to check your phone from time to time and close all the apps at once.

4.  Do not keep the full brightness on at all times.

Keeping the screen’s brightness at full at all times has a similar impact on your phone as running unused apps in the background. It will make the battery of your phone work extra hard and generate more heat continuously. If you find it hard to operate the phone in broad daylight, you will only need an anti-glare cover for the device. It is a low-cost solution that will help you look at the screen easily, even in the sun.

5.  Take that protective case off from your phone.

That fancy protective case you use on your phone does not help when the phone starts getting overheated. You need to take that case off to let the phone’s heat vents carry out their jobs, minus any restrictions. Keep the protective case off, and check after thirty minutes to see if it has cooled down. It will help your phone to cool down much faster than before.

6.  Turn on the airplane mode on your device.

The thing about airplane mode is that it lets you use the device’s primary functions but keeps the non-essential ones turned off. So, it does not leave such a heavy toll on your battery. If you are not planning to get a call or text, someone, at that moment, turn on the airplane mode on your toasty android phone.

7.  Remove all the malware from the phone.

When the phone gets infected by malware, it starts spreading malicious content all over the device. Your crucial data gets sent to the malware developer by using the resources of your phone. Therefore, the phone starts getting unusually heated up. Thus use an antivirus on your phone to locate the source of the malware and uninstall it. To avoid future attacks from malware, keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t click on suspicious links on the email or any website.
  • Get an antivirus installed on your phone and scan it from time to time.
  • Download all apps from a known online store or an official website
  • Don’t click on the pop-up ads on the internet.


You now have seven ways to deal with a particularly hot Android phone. If you follow the tips given here for your smartphone, you will also be increasing the device’s lifespan. So, it’s a win-win situation in all possible ways.

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