Don’t Use That Kitchen Knife Until you Know How to Care for it

When you use a kitchen knife, safety is an important factor. Some people use kitchen knives for other works than their purpose. This is not a good job, as you should use a kitchen knife only for the intended works. Here in this article, we will discuss the important knife care tips.

Avoid using dishwasher

This is the first tip that one should avoid using too much dishwasher on knives. The harsh chemicals present in the dishwasher liquid will damage the sharp edge of knives. Instead, you can use a mild detergent to wash the knife and dry it carefully. The moisture present in the knife without proper drying may damage the wood handles of the knife.

Use a cutting board

One should use a cutting board but not the countertop for cutting. Cutting on a countertop is not good for your countertop as well as for your knife blade. Avoid using a glass cutting board, as it is not good for a knife. It will spoil your knife soon.

Use honing steel

Use honing steel that maintains your knife edges sharp. But you should learn to use the honing steel properly. You should learn the right technique and get an idea to use a good honing steel.

Sharpen your Knives

To use your knife, one has to sharpen it professionally. You will find a lot of knife sharpeners in the market for home use. Using such sharpeners will damage your knife permanently. It is better to sharpen your knives from a professional rather than doing them using honing steel. One can take care of your knives properly so that you can use the knife sharpener, a few times in a year. Thus, maintain and care for your knife properly.

Store your knife properly

Storing your knife plays an important role in maintaining it. Some people store the knife in a drawer containing a lot of metal things. The edges of the knives will hit other metal objects in a kitchen utensil drawer. It will result in damaging your knives and dulling the edges of them.

You can store the knife with other items in a drawer, but never store it in a crowded drawer. Store your knives in a drawer and use a wood block to store them separately from other metal objects.

Use the right knife for the right task

You should use the right knife for the right task. You can’t use a serrated bread knife to chop and dice veggies and meat. You can’t use a boning knife to cut bread. But, you should use a chef’s knife or cook’s knife, or French knife to chop, slice, or dice things.

For cutting, slicing, peeling, and trimming, you can use a paring knife. A utility knife helps to slice cheese and meat. To cut meat and other poultry things, you can use a boning knife. To buy a boning knife, you can read the top boning knife review. To cut fish, you can use a fillet knife. Thus, there are different knives available for different purposes.

Thus, when you use the knife properly, it will last longer in your kitchen and makes your cutting tasks easier.

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