Everything You Need to Know for Planning a Home Renovation

Are you planning to turn your old home into a tasteful masterpiece? Are you thinking about renovating your home and turning it into your own beautiful haven? Then, this could be the perfect blog for you. Home renovation is a process sometimes judged too harshly as being complicated but it can turn out to be a rewarding journey when done with a little care and caution. So, expect the unexpected and get ready for the best tips to help you reach your beautiful home renovation goals!

Things You Need to Know Before Stepping Into the Home Renovation Process:

Things Won’t Happen as You Expect

Did you know that tiling a wall with a pocket door is not possible? There are many more unexpected things that you’ll experience. When there’s a pocket door, the nearby walls cannot be tiled as tiles will get loose when the door moves back and forth. So, don’t be disappointed by such things and use Pinterest to get more beautiful ideas.

Be Open to Changes

You may not find the process to be what you expect. So, be open to changes. You might end up changing the structure of the entrance door multiple times or you might end up using a totally different color for your walls.

Get a Key Lockbox

Getting a key lockbox will be helpful if you are renovating your house before moving in. This will allow the workers to get in easily without disturbing you. So, a key lockbox will save countless hours and early morning wake up calls from your workers.

Give Some Time to the Stairs

Stairs will impact the rest of the space. So, be careful with the stairs and figure out whether to keep them in the exact spot or shift them.

Meeting a Deadline can be Unachievable

As we keep saying, things take longer than expected. A lot of reasons could be pointed out such as bad weather, some specific product being out of stock, fixing various things, making changes to miniscule details. All of these could take up more of your time than expected. Hence, don’t be frustrated and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Enquire with Multiple Contractors

You should always ask multiple contractors for the same work. Some will charge you a lot more than the original amount, some will charge you a little lesser and will eliminate unnecessary work. You can ask your friends, colleagues, check ratings on Google or ask away at your local hardware store to find reliable and efficient people for your home renovation. So, pick and choose the perfect team for your home to save some extra bucks and eliminate some extra hustle.

Take Notes of Everything

Mistakes can happen. To avoid the consequences, make sure to write everything down and invest in a box containing all of your warranty cards and receipts so that you don’t misplace them in case if you receive a wrong tub size or different tiles. Hence, be careful with your notes because if you don’t have them, it might cost more than you think.

You Might Go Over Budget

Unfortunately, it sounds unappealing, but it might happen. In some cases, you might have to double the budget for the home renovation. Be prepared with some extra bucks.

Keep Track of All Your Expenses

If you don’t keep track of all your expenses, then it will be frustrating at the end when you are unable to figure out where you spent that extra 2000 bucks. You should create a spreadsheet and keep on filling every box while you spend something. So, keep track and write down each of your home renovation related expenses.

Consider Only One Person for Your Expenses

Instead of hiring too many people to manage your home renovation work, try to hire only one person to manage the job for you because at the end you don’t have to ask multiple people for various updates. If there are too many fingers in the pot, then you cannot consider one person to be accountable for your whole home renovation. So, choose the perfect manager for your perfect home.

Perfection Will Take Time

Nothing in the world is perfect. You might end up not being fully satisfied with the completed home renovation. You might want the wallpaper to be on a different wall or you might not like the floor color. Anything might happen. But, give yourself some time to settle down and you might start loving it.

Do Not Forget About the Celling

People are so thoughtful about the floor plan but many end up ignoring the celling plan. A minor change can impact the look of your celling. So, make sure to design your home renovation in such a way so that your ceiling looks appealing.

Mismatches May Happen

At times people get crazy in order to stick to some particular theme. You should know that it is much better to mix and match. One can mix metals and styles to create a better look.

Dirty and Dusty

You should know that your house is going to be dirty and dusty for some weeks after renovation. There’s no solution to solve this problem but you should know this and take some necessary precautions.

Things that You Should Put in Your Home Renovation Cost Plan

  • Building Costs – This is the amount for demolishing and prior construction related works. Basically, you have to pay a certain amount in advance before the primary work begins, for example, scaffolding, skips, etc.
  • Prime Cost – Prime cost is the amount that will be used on products that have not been decided yet and this cost can be controlled by you.
  • Extra Contingency Fund – You should keep a fund ready for unforeseen costs. Do not use this fund until you are aware that no extra building costs are required.
  • Other Fees and Costs – Don’t forget that you have to pay various other fees such as professional fees, rental costs, connection fees for different utilities, etc.

The renovation process is tedious and lengthy but can be enriching at the end. You will forget all the hassles that you’ve been through after seeing your beautifully renovated home. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it surely did start getting built in a day! Make sure to utilize the mentioned tips to save some time, effort and money.

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