Spruce up Brightness in your Living Room with these 11 Fascinating Lighting Ideas

No doubt, you have assembled the best pieces of furniture for your modern or the art-of-state living space. Obviously, your taste of choice is under the spotlight but what are the resources of such spotlights? If you don’t pay attention to illumination for the living room, then all your interior designs go underrated.

We understand your pain. But, you need not regret if you haven’t decided on some flaunting lighting fixtures for your living space. Because, we are here, with ravishing lighting ideas that can make your furniture and living room interiors stand-out. Moreover, all the upcoming lighting solutions and fixtures would keep you motivated, and space would feel more comfortable and aesthetic.

1.   Make the Crystal Chandelier the Center of Attraction

Deciding the major lighting fixture might puzzle you. But, trust us, nothing can be better than a crystal chandelier. Chandeliers have been in the list of trending lighting fixtures for living spaces for centuries. And, there’s no similar alternative than a crystal chandelier, still today.

Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary interior design, a crystal chandelier would prep up your mood, according to the experts of Home Services. Additionally, the crystals of the chandelier reflect the light all over the room. Even when you haven’t lit any light, the chandelier would reflect the sunlight in the daytime. The lighting fixture would be more prompt if the living room has got over-sized windows.

2.   Create a Statement with Wall Light

When you are in the mood of self-pampering and chilling with binge movie-watching, then how about turning on the right ambient? Light plays an important role in setting up the mood with its luminosity. However, you need a dimming effect while relaxing with your movies and snacks.

A wall light installed just above the couch in your living room would do the work for you. Apart from being a simple light, it will also appeal as an art of inclusion to your living space. In other words, it’s the perfect mood up-lifter for similar occasions.

3.   Install Pendant Lights Single or in Pair

Pendant lights are making the buzz in recent interior magazines. So, you are not going on the wrong track if you have decided to install one. But, where can you install such a pendant light? If you are considering a single pendant light, then lookout for a corner in your living space that you can use as a study corner. You can opt for a small-sized one based on your choice. After all, it’s not everything about stylus; it should also be functional. Justify your lighting fixture with a reading bench with comfortable cushions.

If you are looking for the perfect lighting over the dining table, then pendant lights in pairs can help you. They would balance the look and the intensity of lighting by focusing all the light over the dining table. So, not only the decoration looks sumptuous but also the cooked dishes look tempting.

4.   Add in a Lamp Shade

Have you placed a table or desk just next to your sofa? Then, you can think of a lampshade on the table or desk. The colour of the lampshade and the design rely on the surroundings of the living room and the furniture. You can play it with contrasting colours. Moreover, a lamp with a pleated shade would feel more welcoming. Convert your living space into a fun corner with such small changes and see the difference.

5.   Introduce your Living Room to a Sculptural Sconces

If you can’t find a suitable wall light according to your sofa space, then you can make a twist with a sculptural sconce. This would require minimal area to get installed and double up as art. Even, you can spare the tables and floor from unnecessary lightings with such a sculptural sconce. It will definitely catch the attention of your guests, we bet.

6.   Initiate Dreamy Vibes with Moroccan Light

You might oppose this idea by arguing that you haven’t opted for the Moroccan interior design to install a matching Moroccan light. But, the ‘everything matching’ idea is quite outdated for interior arts. You can easily make a fusion style statement by hanging a Moroccan light. The decors curved on the lamp would flourish out when you switch on the light. It will offer you a mystic ambient with a wonderful combination and designs of light and shadows.

7.   Invest in Arc Lamps

In the case of small living space, you might not get enough space to install lighting fixtures. And, if you want to do something different from ceiling light fixtures, then arc lamps are your things. However, arc lamps are visually pleasing, and perfect for a smaller living space. On the other hand, if you have rented a house and you are not allowed to avail lighting renovation, then arc lamps can solve the lighting issues. In addition to this, 3-headed arc lamps would suit your living room, as well.

8.   Let the Spotlight Reach your Arts Collection

When you have gone minimalist or modern, you might have acquired a nook where you can showcase your arts, accessories and much more. Placing a sofa, coffee table and a mirror next to the corner, you can use a spotlight to highlight your collection. This would draw additional attention from art-enthusiasts.

9.   Don’t Settle for a Dark Fireplace

In case your living room has a fireplace, you shouldn’t ignore the lighting amenities for the fireplace and the mantel. You can add a globe-shaped sconce or a small lamp over the mantle. Or, a few candles with a candle-stand would serve the purpose, as per Home Services experts.

10.  Low Hangings are Great to Create a Layer

If the ceiling is high enough, then you can try a low hanging light. Such low hanging pendant lights are appreciable choices for kitchen and dinner tables. Moreover, they would produce a layering effect in the living space.

11.   Try Colourful Lights

Colourful lights and fixtures would add more precise depth in the living area. You can install colourful lights into the sconces and place them over the sofa. It would appeal satisfying without bringing out the monotonous flavour.

Additional Changes to Bright up the Living Room…

Apart from only deciding the lighting fixtures, you can try out modern variations in the interior design to reap the benefits of the lights. Hanging brighter artwork, painting the ceiling with a lighter tone or installing a glossy ceiling would maximize the lighting and the brightness. Moreover, hanging mirrors opposite to the windows can do the impressive alluring trick.

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