Boho Bedroom Ideas That Are Great For Any Season

The eclectic boho bedroom decor style allows you to personalize your space in a generous and creative way. Unlike other bedroom decor styles, such as minimalism or modern bedroom decor, boho bedrooms are a lot more laidback about precise rules and allow you to really think about bedroom furniture and styles that resonate with you as you make your choices.

Whether it’s finding the best mattress to house the inevitable layers and prints of your bed, or it’s simply figuring out what you want the overall impact of your space to look like, being able to plan a boho bedroom makes it a whole lot easier to pick out individual elements for your room.

Whether you’re looking for a fun creative exercise, or you simply like to get ahead of your planning, setting an intention and getting started on your space is the best way to begin. Here are some easy tips and tricks to follow when it comes to perfecting your boho bedroom that’s going to leave you feeling a lot better about the look and feel of your space.

Layer With Different Prints & Textures

One of the most common trademarks of boho bedroom decor is a room that features multiple prints and patterns. Different layers of prints, patterns, and textures add to the naturally eclectic and strung together feel of a boho bedroom, without sacrificing on style or intention.

The way to mix and match different clashing patterns or prints is to think about the color family you want your bedroom to remain within. Try not to use too many clashing colors, as this won’t just be visually disruptive, but also has the potential to actually take away from your restfulness through the night.

When you’re factoring in your personal comfort, multiple textures can help, especially when it comes to your bedding. Throws, blankets, and pillows all add to the different layers of your bed, and can all actively contribute to the comfort level of your space.

Layering in boho bedrooms isn’t just limited to the bedroom. There are other ways to introduce textural areas of interest to your space- for instance, bedroom rugs can be an incredibly useful tool when you’re trying to set up your boho bedroom.

Patterned rugs inspired by Turkish and Moroccan influence tend to be most popularly used in boho bedrooms. If you’re not into Moroccan-inspired prints, then think of getting something like a shag rug instead. Not only can a shag rug introduce some visual interest to your space, but it’s also great practically for colder seasons when getting out of bed just seems extra difficult.

Stepping onto a warm shag rug can make the process of waking up just a touch easier – which, when it comes down to it, should be one of the ultimate purposes of designing your bedroom.

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Find The Best Mattress For Your Sleep

On the subject of the purpose behind bedroom design, it’s important to keep your personal wellbeing at the center of all your bedroom decoration projects, and for this reason, your bedroom should really be a space you feel confident you’re going to be able to sleep well in.

This is where finding the best king size mattress for your space comes in. The best mattress for a good night’s sleep isn’t just something that’s irresistibly comfortable, but also equally supportive as you lay down.

The best mattress for a balanced night’s sleep therefore can often boil down to finding something with the right balance of materials. Memory foam mattresses are often ranked among the best mattresses for a good night’s sleep for this reason, since they allow you to get that right balance between comfort and support as you’re trying to catch up on a good night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for something that has a bit of a firmer feel to it, then the best mattress for your sleep might be a hybrid. These mattresses have a mix of both memory foam and innerspring coils, allowing for a little extra support when you’re trying to catch up on a good night’s sleep.

Another key consideration when you’re trying to decorate with the best mattress for your boho bedroom is dimensions. If you have space, the best mattress size for boho bedrooms is always going to skew larger, since they often need to accommodate extra layers and need space for this.

Don’t worry about opting for a smaller bed if you don’t have the extra room, however -the best mattresses are going to remain a comfortable choice, regardless of space, so don’t let it sway your choice to buy something of high-quality.

Bring The Outdoors Back In With Plants

The final trademark of most boho bedrooms is the use of indoor plants as bedroom decor. Indoor plants have actually been shown to have a lot of merits when it comes to the impact and feel of your space. Not only are some indoor plants natural air purifiers, but they can also offset all the naturally warm tones of boho bedrooms, bringing some much-needed brightness and balance back into your space.

Some examples of indoor plants that really work for your space can include but aren’t limited to, snake plants, aloe plants, succulents, and spider plants. Don’t have much of a green thumb? Ease yourself into taking care of different plants by investing in low-maintenance ones, or add plastic greenery into your space before you begin to graduate to real plants.

Putting together a boho bedroom can be an incredibly rewarding experience since they’re really about bringing together many distinct elements together to form one, cohesive theme. Ultimately, those who are drawn to the boho bedroom decor style tend to be naturally creative, artistic spirits, so feel free to express your inner self in the form of your inner sanctuary by being as random as you like.

Keeping comfort and durability as key priorities when picking out bedroom furniture is going to serve you well as you go on to set up a boho bedroom of your own.

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