Business Games: Rules, Price & How to Play Business Game?

The Business game is an Indian version of a board game called Monopoly. It involves buying and selling real estate. This game is very interesting and informative. As the name suggests, a Business game involves game cash, tickets, dice, buying-selling, Business game board, etc. This game works more or less like a real estate Business. You can play with children, parents, grandparents, relatives, family or friends. Playing indoor games with family also makes you spend time and cherish the moments with family members.

A Business game is a very popular old board game and many people play it, who know the game of course. However, many people don’t know all the rules or they have forgotten the game. If you want to know how to play a Business game, then you will find all the rules here for your reference. As players, you can decide among yourself and modify rules to make the game more interesting. Here, you find all the basic rules to start the game as a beginner.

The basic rule is that the last person remaining in the game with money is the winner of the game. So, let’s begin the Business game.

How to play a Business game? Business Game Rules

how to play business game

Number of players

2 to 4 people can play a Business game at a time. More people involved can be bankers.

Capital or cash

Capital or cash is the currency for transactions in the game. It doesn’t involve real money but an assigned value of real money to make the game interesting. Players initially get Rs 15000- Rs 50000 game cash and divide among each other as they like. However, to keep the game fair the cash is divided equally among all players.

Who starts the game?

All the players shall roll both the dice and the player who scores 12 gets to start. Or the player with the maximum score gets to start the game and the rest follow in descending order of their score.

Must pass GO to buy property

Once the game starts, each player needs to reach or cross “GO” first. Only after that, the player can buy property in the game. The players need to travel through the cities and complete a circle to reach the “GO”.

Bonus at GO

This is simple. Every player who reaches or passes GO gets Rs 1500 (you can decide this amount among yourselves). The bank pays this money to the player.

Buying and selling property

Board game

When a player lands on a property, they have an option to either buy, build or leave it as per their choice. If the player decides to leave the property, then the bank puts it on auction. Players bid and the highest bidder gets the property. In case, no one buys the property, it stays unsold. Players can buy and sell property among themselves.

Jail is bad

You will be sent to Jail if you land on Jail or roll doubles (same on both dice) thrice in a row or the chance or community chest asks you. The player will pay a fine of Rs 200 as a bail amount to get out of Jail and won’t get Rs 1500 on crossing “GO”.

Income tax

When players land on income or wealth tax, they have to pay an income tax of Rs 50 – Rs 200 to the bank. It must not exceed Rs 500.

Clubhouse rules

When a player lands on Club, they have to pay Rs 100 to each player.

Rent doubling

When a player owns three cards in the same city (same colour), the rent gets doubled.

Erecting your house or hotel

Once you have all the cards of a city (same colour), you can erect your house on a site. The value of each house and hotel is shown in the title cards. You need to have three houses on each side of a complete colour group of three sites to erect a hotel. You can build a hotel by paying the bank.


When a player lands in rest house they are entitled to receive Rs.100 from each player.

Chances and Community

The rules of chance and community are written in respective sections.


Banks have the money and never run out of cash as a rule. They can impose a fine if someone is found guilty of cheating.

Indian Business game board and cards price

indian business game board and cards price

Business gameplay offline

Indian Business game boards and cards might not be available in local stationery stores. But you can buy them from sports shops. The cheapest Indian Business game board game starts at around Rs 90.

Business gameplay online

You can also find free online Business game apps and you won’t have to pay for the Business board. However, playing offline with family and friends is more fun.

There are many Business games apps on the Apple store (for iOS and iPadOS) and Google Play (Android OS). When you search for the game online you can download the best game through the ratings.

Also, you can play the Business game online using Facebook. You don’t need to download any apps to play online on gaming websites.

Plastic money

As mentioned above, this is a game and does not necessarily involve real money. So, the players use game cash or plastic money. It is the plastic cards used as money in place of actual money.

Business game for kids

business game for kids

The Business game is so much fun and educative. People from all age groups (above 9 years) can play the game. Children playing the Business game can develop their ideas and aptitude for Business. Adults, on the other hand, play for fun and enjoyment. Children who grow up spending time with family and doing recreational things become more confident and compassionate adults.

Like any other board game, a Business game can be extremely fun and engaging when played among family and friends. Even more exciting with good food in summer holidays or winter afternoons. So, these are rules on how to play a Business game. Give it try and let us know how did your game go.

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