20 Best Travel Blogs in USA to Follow for Travel Tips in 2020

So you are ready to go on a trip but you don’t know where to stay, what to eat and which places to visit? To make it easier for you, here we have a list of top 20 travel blogs across the U.S that are worth checking before you are ready to hit the road! 

So, without further ado, let’s start! Shall we?

‘A Dangerous Business’ is a travel blog that was started by Amanda Williams in 2010. An avid harry potter fan, she realized that she wanted to travel while she was studying in high school. She ended up going to New Zealand for two weeks after her graduation in 2005 and has never turned back since then. She became a full-time blogger in late 2015 and has traveled to more than 50 countries on 6 continents. The main goal of her blog is to show people how to fit more travel into the lifestyle they already have.

However, Amanda is not a full-time traveler and enjoys the comfort of her home and spending time with her dear cat ‘Weasley.’ Her blog has been featured on sites like TravelZoo, The Huffington Post, and USA Today Travel.

  • Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley travels the world for a living and documents her adventures on her blog, ‘Adventurous Kate.’ In 2010, at the age of 26, she quit her job in online marketing to travel to Southeast Asia for six months. Those six months turned into nine years and now she has traveled across 83 countries.

While in Southeast Asia, she worked on developing her blog along with building her freelance work portfolio. In early 2016 she moved to New York City to downsize her travel from 70 percent of the time to 25 percent of the time.

Her blog aims to show women how solo and independent travel can be safe, easy, and a lot of fun. In 2017, Forbes has named her one of the top 10 most influential travelers.


  • The Blonde Abroad

The blogger behind ‘The Blonde Abroad’ is Kiersten Rich, who left her job in corporate wealth management to become a world traveler. 

At the age of 22, she packed her bags and went for a grand tour in Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand. By now, she has traveled across 70 countries. Her blog aims to inspire people to follow their hearts and live a life without any limitations. The Blonde Abroad is a multi-level blog and enables Kierstan to earn money through various streams of revenue such as social media marketing, consulting, and digital content creation.

Her blog has been featured on several sites such as Forbes, The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, teen vogue, etc.


  • The Everywhereist

Geraldine DeRuiter is an acclaimed author and a world-renowned speaker who runs the award-winning blog ‘The Everywhereist.’ 

Other than writing on travel-related topics, she also writes on topics ranging from  dessert to feminism. She is also fond of Jeff Goldblum’s filmography. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Independent, and The Huffington Post. TIME Magazine described her work as ‘consistently clever’ and The New York Times has said her writing was ‘dark and hilarious.’


  • LandLopers

Matt Long is a former cubicle dweller whose passion to travel led him to start the ‘LandLopers’ blog. He lives in a house in the suburbs with his three dogs and has also made traveling his profession.

LandLopers provides information on a variety of travel-related topics.  He aims to make travel more fun and accessible sharing information on how to experience the best destinations in the world.


  • Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte is a Wall Street veteran who has worked in corporate finance, energy and wealth management for 8 years. Lee is now a multimedia travel personality, travel expert, travel writer, and global adventurer. He is one of the youngest people in the world to have visited almost every country in the world, as along with the North and South Poles. He has been to 193 UN member states and wishes to visit all 325 countries and unique destinations in the world via the Travelers Century Club list. 

Lee has been featured on various media channels such as Fox News, Bloomberg TV, BBC, NBC, CNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, etc.


  • David’s Been Here

David Hoffman is a travel host, producer and social media influencer who is passionate about traveling to new places and experiencing diverse cultures. His blog ‘David’s Been Here’ was created to deliver travel inspiration and advice to fellow readers. The blog also features web show episodes regarding his traveling journey across the six continents and also provides information regarding travel and lifestyle brands. 

David has traveled to 76 countries till now and had been featured in the top 10 best travel videographers by USA Today and Top 10 travel video sites by OOAworld.


  • California Through My Lens

Josh McNair is a travel addict who is running this blog ‘California Through My Lens’ with his wife for over five years. He shares photographs and stories regarding California’s best wilderness locations, unique and strange spots, grand food, etc.

Josh has immense love for the great outdoors and photography. He documents his adventures in this blog and also encourages others to explore the state and see all that it has to offer. His stories have been featured in LA News and Good Morning America.


  • Camels & Chocolate

Kristin Luna is a Nashville-based freelance writer who runs the ‘Camels & Chocolate’ blog. She writes about travel, food, entertainment, and lifestyles in her blog.  She and her husband are active travelers who love to go skiing, hiking, and diving. However, she is not a nomad but a girl who has managed to balance her career with family life. 

Her work involves influencer campaigns where she partners with brands and destinations to create original content. Her blog provides fascinating information regarding several tourist destinations in the world. She has been featured in media publications such as Redbook magazine, Glamour magazine, Marie Claire, and National Geographic.


  • Gaijin Crew

‘Gaijin’ comes from the Japanese word meaning ‘outside country person.’ The man behind this blog is Jamie Campbell who shares everything he has learned about travel in his blog. His goal is to teach people how to make their travel dreams a reality. If you want to learn how to travel the world on an affordable budget, to know about which place you can travel next and where to eat, then do follow his blog.


  • Sending Postcards

The travel blog ‘Sending Postcards’ was started by a married couple Mina Seville and Alexander Seville. After their marriage, the couple left Canada to travel the world together. They created this blog to document their extended honeymoon. 

They have spent a year traveling around Africa, Europe, and the U.S, they settled in Montreal before heading to San Francisco, which is their current residence. Now, they travel in and around California and share their adventures on ‘Sending Postcards.’


  • Be My Travel Muse

‘Be My Travel Muse’ was started by a Southern California resident Kristin Addis. Four years after working as an investment banker, she quit the job and decided to travel the world. Through her blog, Kristin encourages the readers to travel the world even if they are alone. New content is posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday where she shares packing lists, country cost guides and exercise tips for the beginners as well as expert travelers all around the world. Her blog has been featured in Vogue, Buzzfeed, the Washington Post, Cosmopolitan and Business Insider.


  • Expert Vagabond

‘Expert Vagabond’ was started by an adventure travel blogger, photographer and videographer Matthew Karsten. He has been exploring the world since 2010 and sharing his travel experiences using inspiring photos, engaging videos and posting helpful travel tips for planning your next vacation. 


  • Travel Mama

Travel Mama was started by Colleen Lanin who is an award-winning author with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Her blog aims to help parents plan trips with babies or young children. Her blog has been featured on NBCNews.com, Parenting Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel, the Chicago Tribune, Expedia, etc. She was also invited by the White House as one of the most 100 most influential travel bloggers for a summit on study abroad.


  • Jessie on a Journey

‘Jessie on a Journey’ is an award-winning solo female and offbeat travel blog started by Jessica Festa. Jessica is a certified sightseeing guide in New York.  Her aim behind creating this blog is to empower and inspire travel-loving women to hit the road with courage and without fear, to go beyond their guidebooks and create their journey. Via her blog, Jessica offers her readers tips on solo travel as well as blog advice for others who want to start a travel blog. She has been featured in a wide array of media outlets such as The Washington Post, BBC, Thrillist, Discover Magazine, Buzzfeed, etc.


  • My Beautiful Adventures

‘My Beautiful Adventures’ was started by Chinese Medicine doctor and travel photojournalist Andrea Perullo de Ledesma who documents her beautiful adventures through writing and photography. According to Andrea, her country is the world and she wants to explore all of it. When she is not treating patients, she is either traveling or dreaming of the next place to visit. She has traveled over fifty counties across six continents. Andrea’s love affair with travel can be credited to her intrigue towards diverse cultures, roads not traveled and life-changing experiences. 


  • Pause The Moment

In April of 2008, just one day after his 24th birthday, Ryan headed off to Dublin for his first solo backpacking trip through Europe for three months. The three months of traveling changed his life and in 2010, he quit his job. Then he set off for a world trip that was supposed to be for six months but lasted up to a year. Now, Ryan is a travel blogger, digital influencer, small group tour organizer, and world traveler who has a serious passion for the sun, the sea, and adventure. ‘Pause The Moment’ features travel tips and resources for destinations across the world.


  • The Savvy Backpacker

The savvy backpacker was started by a married couple James and Susan who provides tips to the travelers to plan their budget backpacking trips to Europe. They offer honest, in-depth and independent travel advice for backpacking throughout Europe. The blog also provides product reviews that will help the reader to get a better idea of which gear to purchase.


  • Local Adventurer

Local Adventurer is a travel lifestyle blog that moves Esther Julee and her husband Jacob to a new city each year as they spend one year in each location to learn as much they can about their new home before moving on. They like to adventure every day so that they can write about their traveling experiences and motivate fellow readers to explore the world. Local Adventurer has been featured in the Top 5 Travel Blogs in the US and World.


  • My Itchy Travel Feet

‘My Itchy Travel Feet’ was created by the couple duo, Donna L. Hull, the blog’s chief navigator and Alan Hull, the website’s photographer, as a source of travel guidance for baby boomers. The couple has been documenting their journeys since 2008 and covers both domestic and international destinations. They provide travel guideance for several destinations across the world and also share tips and ideas for themed trips such as bucket list trips, cruises, romantic getaways, and national park adventures.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these amazing bloggers and start planning a trip for your next vacation!

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