20 Best Personal Finance Blogs for Wealth Management 2020

If you want to live on less expenditure, save more, earn more or plan for retirement, then personal finance blogs can prove to be worthy of your time. They will give you useful tips and tricks to save, invest and build up a healthy financial life. These can also prove to be beneficial in providing financial knowledge to laymen. But in today’s digital era, the online world is littered with all kinds of financial blogs. It could be hard for any netizen to decide which one to read. That’s why in this article, we present to you our handpicked list of the Top 20 Best Personal finance blogs you must follow to better financial Planning.


1. Money-Saving Mom


Mom or not, everybody can benefit from the money-saving advice given in this blog. It primarily caters to money-making and saving needs while raising a child. This website is updated daily with plenty of blogs each day. You will get new coupon codes, grocery budget examples and lots of other freebies. The blog also features a lot of inspirational content on how to follow your passion and increase your income via multiple revenue sources. Crystal Paine, the site’s owner also provides useful insight into how to start and build your blog. 


2. The Penny Hoarder


Unlike what the name implies, The Penny Hoarder is not about collecting copper coins. This personal finance blog has a lot of content on how to make more money in the form of a side business, a second job or some other way to earn extra bucks. People love the freebies and other deals given on the Penny Hoarder. The site’s content primarily focuses on money hacks, budgeting, work from home, coupons and freebies. 


3. Get Rich Slowly


As the name implies, this blog helps you out by providing advice as to how to develop your wealth steadily and surely. This blog delivers premium content to educate readers on personal finance-related issues. There are tons of different topics here like how to maximize your savings, planning for retirement, overcoming debts and so on.


4. Budgets Are Sexy


This blog does a great job of making personal finance fun. The founder of the website, J. Money has an engaging and lighthearted style of writing that has readers coming back for more. He provides daily updates about his personal finance experiences, regular updates on his net worth modifications and so on. You will get plenty of tips on how to retire early, how to save money, guest posts from other bloggers, etc. This is a very dynamic blog with loads of useful information.


5. Money Under 30


This is a blog by a man who climbed out of more than $80,000 of debt in just 3 years. Money Under 30 has realistic information provided by people who have been in those situations and survived. It generally targets young adults but offers great information for readers of all age groups. This personal finance blog features useful loan advice, budgeting tips, home, and car buying advice, and more. If you’re looking to learn from the experiences of others then this blog is a must read! 


6. Financial Samurai


The founder of the website, Sam Dogen, retired at an early age of 34 years. He started this blog in 2009 and quit his full-time job in 2012 to focus entirely on Financial Samurai. Like other early retirees, he saved 50% or even more. His blog has hosted more than 30 million visitors since its start. The topics covered here include everything from tips on how to retire early, free wealth management, top financial products, how to invest properly and more.


7. Making Sense of Cents


This blog became incredibly popular ever since its start and due to  that the owner, Michelle Schroeder-Garder left her corporate job and started blogging full time. The blog features multiple topics related to personal finance and provides several article choices for each. There are separate categories on saving money and making extra money. There is a travelogue as well. She also has a course on how to start your own blog and make money from it. 


8. Money Ning


Money Ning was founded in July 2007 and is a pretty straightforward website to navigate through. This blog takes frugal living to the next level. David Ning lived on just $34.01 a week to save money for travel and vacation. The blog covers a lot of topics on cutting down your expenses, investing more and managing money. You could save more and spend less by following the tips provided in this blog. David himself writes most of the articles if not all and the website is all about helping you become free from debts, building wealth over time and helping you see the effects of your financial choices.


9. Frugalwoods


This website has a monthly archive of their articles on the left and the right side has links to several categories on financial topics. There are creative personalized topics like Frugal City Living, Frugalwoods Philosophy, Frugalwoods Reviews, and Frugal Hound Sniffs. This blog documents how the owners of this site, Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods have built their wealth by living on a frugal lifestyle. 


10. Good Financial Cents


Jeff Rose is the author and founder of this blog. He is on a mission to help people be in charge of their money and save more for a secure future. Readers will find articles on every financial topic here. The articles are open, transparent and brutally honest, a signature quality which has readers coming back for more of his straight-to-the-point style of expression. He also shares his personal experience as to where he has succeeded and where he has failed. 


11. ESI Money


ESI stands for Earn, Save and Invest and the blog focuses on these three things. This personal finance blog features a millionaire Interview series wherein the interview questions revolve around the three major themes of the website. This sets them apart from most blogs and provides for educational content that you can absolutely have faith in. There is an option of guest posts as well and the blog has a lot of interesting  financial content.


12. Millennial Money Man


The owner of the blog, Bobby Hoyt graduated from college with a lot of loan debt but made his way through to not only overcome debt but also build and manage his own wealth . His site targets millennials and states various ways to find financial independence. The blog centers around three main themes- earning more, saving more and paying off debt. Bobby reviews and recommends various tools to handle your finances.


13. My Money Blog


The author of this blog is Jonathan Ping. His blog has four categories- early retirement, money-saving tips, investment guide, and credit card rewards. The early retirement page has articles revolving around- saving rate, earn more vs spending less, buying a home, mortgages, and affordability. There are additional categories on the right hand of the page. These include frugal living, insurance, taxes, etc.


14. Your Money Geek


The owner of Your Money Geek, Michael is one of the most prolific writers on the web. The blog is updated daily with a new article. It deals with ways to make money, hacks for early retirement and so on. There are mainly six types of posts on this page- budget hacks, ways to increase your earning, contributions from guest posters, advice to save for early retirement, success story interviews and finance, and pop culture mashups.


15. Frugal Rules


John Schmoll, the founder, and author of Frugal Rules had around $2500 in credit card debt. His struggles inspired him to start this blog. This website states that one of the keys to financial freedom is living within your means and living without debts. A significant section of the website focusses on frugality. Besides tips on frugality, the blog has recommendations on investing, credit cards, online brokerage, debts and more.


16. Women Who Money


This site like its name suggests is geared to help women in making good decisions about their finances. They help women develop skills in finance and build financially secure lives. They also help you save money and eliminate debts. The website also features interviews with women who have successfully eliminated debts, went back to work,become self employed, become entrepreneurs and so on.


17. Afford Anything


This blog focuses mainly on real estate, investment options, and income properties. It features endeavors from the owner Paula Pant’s own life and her transparent financials as well. There are plenty of articles to help you adjust your mindset to increase your productivity and earnings on this site. The site focuses on teaching its readers about the perspective they need to have regarding their money-making endeavours and Paula Pant uses information and examples from her own ventures to do that in the best ways. 


18. Debt Roundup


Grayson Bell started the website Debt Roundup after clearing debt of $75,000 in credit card and auto loan. The blog has money-making and money-saving tips. Besides that, it also provides free tools to help you deal with your money properly, including debt-paying and investment tips. It’s a personal finance blog for people of all ages and all walks of life. 


19. Squawkfox


Squawkfox is a blog by Kerry Taylor, a consumer expert who shares her best personal finance hacks and tips. The blog will give you the vibes of a lifestyle website intersecting with personal finance. IT features several finance tips and links to other media sources featuring Kerry on television shows, interviews and more. Kerry is widely renowned as a successful businesswoman and a vintage fashion auctioneer which makes brings her teachings very much in demand! 


20. Disease Called Debt


The founder of the site, Hayley, managed to clear $62,000 debt in less than two years and shares her story with the world on Disease Called Debt. Her success story has both baffled and inspired many people who face similar challenges. She has archived several other debt success stories on the site as well. You will find helpful resources for managing your money and blogging to make money on the site but most importantly, you’ll find inspiring stories of how people fought and won against their debts. 

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