Risks To Avoid During Lockdown


Medical experts like Matt Boente MD have been speaking out recently about the many risks that there are during lockdown. Many of us have been living under lockdown restrictions for a number of months now and it is fair to say that we cannot wait to get out and about again. Unfortunately however those lockdown measures have been absolutely necessary in making sure that our healthcare systems have not been overwhelmed, and the continuing lockdown restrictions, whilst they have been eased slightly, are a necessary part of managing this pandemic.

Here are the risks that we must avoid during the lockdown.


Given that there is less to do than normal it would be easy for many of us to overindulge when it comes to alcohol. This is of course natural, given that many of us are trapped and like the idea of the escape which alcohol will give us. It is important however that we continue to live our lives in moderation and that includes the volume of alcohol that we consume.


Again having these limitations around what we can and cannot do can easily give way to laziness as it often seems that lounging on the sofa watching TV is the only thing to do. In reality however there is still an awful lot that we can be doing that doesn’t involve laziness and  that is where our focus should be. Start something new, learn something new, find a hobby, there is a wealth of opportunities out there and we should be looking to use this downtime for good.

Health Risks

This pandemic has shown us just how important it is that we are doing all we can to be as healthy as possible. We have seen that those who are not healthy have been worst affected by the pandemic and that is one of the most compelling reasons why we have to ensure that we stay in shape and remain healthy. There are temptations for sure, but we have to recognize that under normal circumstances we burn a lot of calories during a normal day, which we are now not burning. Not only do we need to find ways in which we can burn that level of calories, we should also be looking at ways to be healthier than normal in terms of our diet. Consider how you wish to look when you come out of lockdown, do you want to look fit and healthy? Or overweight and unhealthy?

Mental Health

 Mental health of course is one of the most important factors of this lockdown and there is little doubt that the mental wellbeing of the majority of us has taken a hit. It is important therefore that you are doing as much as you can to look after your mental well-being. Finding ways to relax, to stay social and to exercise your brain are all great ways of helping to relieve the pressures of what we are living through.

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