4 Ways to Stage your Home for Quick Sale

When agents talk about staging your house, it means they are suggesting you follow the method of preparing your property for sale. Professionals of the real estate world have designed the staging method to present the best assets of a home, impress the buyer, and sell it as quickly as possible at the highest price.

As most people are not informed about staging, you can sell your property at a higher price than other sellers. In this post, we shall discuss four amazing ways through which you can stage your home to sell it quickly.

What is Staging?

Before hopping on to the four ways, you should know about the method you will adopt. According to experts, staging is defined as visual merchandising based on a few fundamentals of interior design. The objective of staging is to flatter the buyer by enhancing the look of the property.

Why is Staging Important?

While dealing with a financial transaction, such as selling your home, you don’t want to give it away from your property at a lower price or searching for a perfect buyer to sell it. As selling your house involve two major things; money and time, staging is one of the perfect strategies to set your home for a quick sale.

According to professionals, potential buyers don’t only look for a structure to live in but also a way to improve their lifestyle. Staging is one the best techniques through which you can create a more emotional purchase, which ultimately generates money for the seller.

Four Ways to Stage your Home

According to a report, there are some most common areas of a home that are staged by the professional like-dining room (72%), owner’s bedroom (78%), kitchen (84%), and living room (93%). No doubt, time and money play a major role in determining the level of staging, but you can stage your home by using the techniques given below to sell your home quickly.

1.  Clean

Cleanliness at your home shows the potential buyers that you have taken care of the property. It would be best to clean every corner of your house, from ceiling to floors, and everything falls between them.

If you can’t afford to install new appliances in the kitchen, make sure that the existing ones are perfectly cleaned. In the same way, ensure every tile of your bathroom sparkles, and clean your toilet thoroughly to remove all the spots. Your objective must be to make everything new.

2.  Focus on Fresh

It would be best to focus on making your home fresh and inviting, and when it comes to freshness, potted plants can do wonders. If you have a lot of plants, you should place them strategically to avoid overcrowding in one place.

Please keep in mind that dull and dead plants can ruin the look of your home. Hence, make sure that you have planted new plants in your pots to keep greenery at your property. Another best way to making your home fresh is to get rid of every type of odor from your house.

Many things can create odor at your place, such as pets, a damp bathroom, last night’s dinner, kids, etc. One of the most affordable ways to kick out every odor is by burning-vanilla scented candles. Instead of covering smell, these candles will remove the smell and make your home inviting.

If your nearby supermarket doesn’t have scented candles, you can use cookies in the oven (don’t burn them) and cinnamon-coated apple to remove the smell. Wiping down the sink of your kitchen with a half lemon would be a great idea to remove the spots and odor.

You can also use a room freshener to make your place fresh, but keep in mind they can trigger an allergy in sensitive people. If you smoke, avoid smoking inside your home and add some more things to deodorize your place. While doing these things, don’t forget to take out the garbage.

3. Define Rooms

define rooms

In staging, it is important to define every room of a house. Ensure that each room has a specific purpose. It will help the potential buyers give an idea of maximizing the home’s square footage. A finished attic can enhance the price of your place, and all you have to do is convert it into an office.

Likewise, change your finished basement into an entertainment room and your storeroom into a guest bedroom. After cleaning your junk room, if you think you need all the stuff in that room later, instead of keeping it at your place, find a storage facility to store it temporarily. People moving to Cairns can find a Storage facility in Cairns to store their stuff.

Following the instructions given above doesn’t mean the buyer would use the rooms for the same purpose, but it will give the buyer an idea that every inch of the home is usable.

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4. Exterior

After putting your efforts into staging our interior, it’s time to work on your exterior. The exterior and entry of your house act as the most important areas to attract potential buyers. They may also help a buyer to determine whether he should proceed to check the interior of a property or not.

If you have a lawn, make sure that trees, hedges, and other plants are properly pruned. If there are weeds in your yard, make sure that you have removed them before the arrival of the guest. Make your windows spotless and add flower boxes to brighten them up.

Instead of painting your home’s exterior, it would be best to power wash it as it will save you money and time. Buy new doormats for your house, and make sure that the sidewalk leading up to your property is clean and dust-free.

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The Final Words

Whether you have a small amount of money or plenty of cash, it won’t be wise to put too much money in the staging. Remember that it is important to fulfill all the buyer’s requirements to sell your property at the best price.

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