Different Circumstances When Palm Tree Removal Becomes Necessary

Palm trees are beautiful additions to any landscape, especially for home gardens. Not only do they improve the aesthetics of your garden, but they also offer fruits for birds and animals. However, palm trees require proper care and maintenance.

The lack of proper care can lead to diseases that require you to remove a palm tree. In addition to diseases, there are some other reasons for which owners are required to remove palm trees. Let us know in this post all the reasons to remove palm trees from a landscape.

Roots get too big

The roots of a palm tree can spread in a large area of your garden. Large roots can damage other things like utility lines and plumbing networks in your landscape. The damage due to the large roots of a palm tree can be very harmful to underground water lines or cables. A root system interfering with pipes can be dangerous as it can damage the pipes leading to water leakage. So, large roots are a common reason for the removal of trees from a yard or landscape.

Signs of tree disease

Palm trees are affected by different diseases which require treatment by chemicals. Some diseases are contagious and can spread to other plants, shrubs, and areas in the garden. However, sometimes the diseases increase beyond the safe levels, and there is no benefit of any treatment. In such cases, it becomes essential to remove the diseased tree from the landscape to save other plants and trees.

Pest Infestation

There may be a number of parasites that reside on your palm. These pests can be unpleasant for you, but they can also damage your tree.

Palms are most affected by pests, such as aphids, mites, sucking insects, mealybugs, and caterpillars. Checking your tree regularly for pests can help you make sure that they are not damaging your tree and use best pest control methods that suits to you to remove pests

However, if you haven’t detected a pest on the palm tree and it has damaged or infected the tree, you may need to remove it.

Blocks the curb appeal of the property

Curb appeal is the outer look of a residential property. Sometimes the palm trees grow up to a height that they block the curb appeal of a house. If you are planning to sell your property in the near future, you will never want anything reducing the curb appeal of your home. So, many people remove the palm trees if they block the looks of their home, especially those planning to sell their property.

Weak branches

In case of a disease or lack of care, a palm tree may develop weak or dead branches. Such branches are dangerous to people, kids, pets, and vehicles under them. If there are a few dead branches, you can prefer pruning them or removing them. However, if all the branches suddenly become weak or dead, they can fall anytime on people, pets, or vehicles. That is why people prefer removing palm trees with weak branches.

Branches spread into a neighbor’s property.

Palm trees can grow tall, and the branches and if they are close to a wall, the branches and enter a neighbor’s property. Some neighbors may feel good due to the beauty of palm trees, but some may feel bad as the branches may interfere with their building. So, if your neighbor complains about an adjoining palm tree, it can be a solid reason for removing it from your yard.

Avoid unexpected costs

If a palm tree falls unexpectedly on your neighbor’s property, it can make you pay for the damage. Some neighbors may also file a case in court to get compensation for the damage done by the tree. Therefore, it is better to remove a weak palm tree at the right time and save yourself from paying unexpected costs.

When to hire an arborist?

In case you see your palm tree weakening or affected by pests or disease, you should call a professional arborist for inspection. An arborist can visit your landscape and inspect your tree thoroughly and offer you the necessary solution. In case of a disease or infection, he or she could suggest possible treatment. If the tree is too weak or the disease is not curable, they may suggest you remove the tree.

Final Words

These were the circumstances that make the removal of palm trees essential from a landscape. Removing an infected tree can save other plants and trees from the disease. Removing a tree with pest infection can save other areas of the landscape from pests. Also, removing a weak or dead palm tree can save you from the unexpected costs that can incur due to any damage done by the tree. Now, as you know about all these reasons to remove a palm tree, you can inspect yours and make a wise decision about the removal of trees from your landscape.

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