5 Benefits of Orbit B-Hyve Pro Smart Wi-Fi Controller 16 Station

Irrigation is now much advanced as compared to the past times. Every farmer and landscape owner wants to control irrigation to get better yields and save water. The conventional methods of watering, like flood irrigation, waste a lot of water. However, not the irrigation technology has advanced to a level to save water and offer controlled irrigation.

The present-day irrigation systems are equipped with sensors and controller devices that offer only the required amount of water to crops. Controller devices help farmers and landscape owners control the timing and amount of irrigation. One such device is the Orbit B Hyve Pro Smart Wi-Fi controller 16 station. Let us explore the benefits of this wonderful device in this post.

Control the amount of water

The water resources are limited in many countries and landscape owners need to use some ways to save water and prevent wastage. To save water, they need to know the right amounts required by their plants and crops. The device can help farmers and landscape owners to control the amount of water they supply to their plants.

The sensors in this device can detect the amount of moisture in the soil, weather conditions like rain and cuts off the supply when the soil is sufficiently wet to avoid overwatering and soggy soil. The right amount of water keeps your soil in good health by creating the right amount of aeration.

The weather sense technology

The controller has sensors to sense the present weather conditions like sun, temperature, clouds, rain, humidity, etc. It adjusts automatically to rains, winds and frost and supplies the required amount of water or cuts it off at the right time. Similarly, when the weather is dry and the soil becomes too dry, it supplies more water to maintain the moisture content. The weather sense technology uses advanced local weather data to automatically create water schedules that provide the right amount of water for your plants, avoiding wasted water.

Easy to install and program

The Orbit B-Hyve Pro Smart Wi-Fi Controller 16 Station is very easy to set up and program. Users can create watering schedules and set the duration times for irrigating their crops or garden plants. The feature of Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to pair it with your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices.

Three color digital monitors and a multicolored light-ring enable you to see its timer anytime. It comes with dual-bandWi-Fi ( 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz ), long-range Bluetooth radio (BLE5), and internal plug-and-go transformers. Push-and-go wiring terminals and integrated bubble levels make installation quick and easy. The installation is also easy as you can get it installed by a qualified professional offering irrigation.

Durable and Secure

The device is made of weather-resistant material which makes it durable to mount in the outdoor environment. The smart indoor/outdoor timer is completely weatherproof, without the need for an extra expensive weather box. No matter where you install the device, it is safe from harsh weather conditions like extreme sunlight and temperature. The digital lockouts prevent unwanted people from making any changes to the settings. Also, the customized lights off mode enable users to hide the timer from unwanted people.

Save money and plants.

The Orbit B Hyve Pro Smart Wi Fi controller 16 station helps you to save money. The device is EPA water-sense certified to minimise water waste as it supplies the required amount of water according to soil and weather conditions. By supplying the water in a limited amount, it saves the consumption of water and thereby keeps the water bills to a minimum.

As it offers the right amount of water according to the soil and plant requirements, they help improve the health of plants and saves them from drying and low water conditions.

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Final Words

These were the major benefits of Orbit B Hyve Pro Smart Wi Fi controller 16 station. However, these are not the only benefits. Once you install the device on your irrigation system, it can make many things easier, in addition to saving water and controlling the water supply for your plants. Now, as you know about this smart irrigation controller system, you can plan to install it and guide your friends and family about controlled irrigation.

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