Top 6 types of graphic design that every designer should know

Simply, graphic design is the process of visual communication with the help of the various design elements. Here, the creativity of the professional designer will be tested, as they need to be clever in using design concepts to make it appealing.

With the help of the visual hierarchy and techniques, designers can make the best design for your product. Designers need to be clever enough to make the appropriate use of the design elements to make it appealing. Just look around, you can see a lot of examples of graphic design. Companies use it in the advertisement to make it attractive. Specifically, in the advertisement, it can make a huge impact.

Moreover, in website development as well the graphic design is vital to improve the appearance of it. It is also something that can be pulled easily from a work from home or freelance perspective. However, there are a lot of types of graphic design that one needs to understand. So, let’s discuss those.

01. Advertising graphic design

One of the most significant types of graphic design. Advertisements are meant for attracting the users as much as possible and eye-catching design can make it even more special.

Most of the companies are really concerned about the advertising strategy but the appropriate use of graphic design makes the task easy. It let you capture the attention of the people more quickly. Whether it’s digital advertising or print media, graphic design takes it to the next level. Even the business logo design has also an important role in an advertisement when it’s created nicely. The sales of the product are much more dependent on the successful advertisement. Hence, this is how you can utilize design in the marketing of the business.

02. Product graphic design

Another very important type of graphic design. It’s essential to have an attractive product packaging design before putting it in the market.

Packaging of the product communicates with the customer more easily and is considered as a valuable marketing tool. Even the logo design makes the product packaging shinier. Most of the product is purchased by the people just because of the attractive product packaging. However, it’s also important to consider that the design you have created is suitable for all sizes. The product packaging can be in small or large size as well, and you do not want to lose the originality of it anymore.

Hence, make sure you have the outstanding graphic design for the product packaging which improves the purchasing decision of the customers.

03. User interface graphic design

Another very important graphic design type. It will be specifically for the mobile applications and websites where the user interacts with the device.

The button, micro-interactions, menus, and much more must be designed with appealing graphics so that it drives more user traffic. Here, along with the design, the functionality of the website or application also must be taken care of by the designer. It can be full of designs or the simple one, depending upon the website or application you have. Therefore, the UI design must be alluring along with fulfilling all the functionality in it.

04. Publication graphic design

Publications are something that remains for a longer time and must be designed very carefully. It will be completely printed media so designers need to make it appropriately.

It includes newspapers, books, magazines, directories, and much more. Here designers need to make sure that they choose the appropriate fonts, colors, graphics, images. Designers need to make the alluring design with proper layout and arrangements. Thus, this is how you can make the publication graphic design attractive.

05. Environmental graphic design

Environmental graphic design is a design that keeps you safe and important when you commute. Any visual elements or signs you see in the architecture of transportation comes under this design.

It lets the people connect with the place and if it’s designed very creatively then it will be memorable for a longer time. The designer must know what would suit the most in the design and convey the right message to the audience.

06. Motion graphic design

Graphics plays a key role in motion designs. Even in motion, it’s just the graphics that make it appealing. It can be animations, videos, images, and much more. As digital devices users are increasing, this design is very popular these days. With the help of advanced software, and technology it becomes very easy to create such designs. Even today, you might find a lot of logo design with animation effects in it.

Wrapping up

We have seen a lot of places every day where graphic design is being used. Wherever the user attraction is needed, the graphic would definitely take place. The above-mentioned points clearly define the various types of graphic design that every designer must know.

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