Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup Tips: Best Bridal Makeup Artists in India

Wedding Day is unquestionably the biggest and the most special day of a girl’s life. After all, it marks the beginning of a completely new life. During her wedding period, a woman goes through several emotions. On one hand, she is all excited and thrilled to start off a new journey. At the same time, the thought of parting away from her parents leaves her feeling blue. Nevertheless, she wants it to be the perfect day of her life.

To make it perfect for their daughter, parents leave no stone unturned. There are so many things that they have to take care of; starting from booking for catering and the decorations to sending invitations, arranging gifts, non-stop shopping and what not! The entire process takes a lot of time and energy. In all this hustle-bustle, one must not forget a very important aspect of this event – the bride’s Makeup!

So, We are here with all the information about Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup.

What is a Bridal Makeup?

Every woman wants to look her best on her special day. There’s no room for even the slightest of a flaw in her makeup on this day. It has to be nothing short of perfect and impeccable. As all the spotlights will be on her, it is very important that she has the right amount of makeup on her face that goes perfectly with her wedding attire. And, the one thing that she definitely doesn’t want is – a runny eyeliner, too much shimmer, and overly rosy cheeks!

Bridal Makeup is not like regular makeup. It takes a lot more effort, knowledge and time to give the best results. While regular makeup is generally light and does not take much time, Bridal makeup is done taking into account several factors – your wedding outfit, your skin tone, face structure, and your jewelry.

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How is Bridal Makeup different from normal Makeup?

  1. While regular makeup constitutes a single color foundation and eye makeup, Bridal makeup, on the other hand, is done using 3 layers of foundation and a customized eye-makeup.
  2. Regular makeup usually takes no more than half an hour, bridal makeup takes several hours to give a long-lasting result.
  3. Regular makeup can be done using a few makeup products, bridal makeup uses a whole range of products like primers, foundations, powders, bronzers, setting sprays (so that your makeup stays till you enter the new house) and waterproof mascara (for vidai tears :p).
  4. Along with the extra time that it takes, bridal makeup also comes with an extra cost. This is going to be the most expensive makeup of your life, especially if you’re a girl who doesn’t normally apply makeup.
  5. Bridal makeup carries not just layers of foundations, but also several layers of emotions 😛 (emotional aspect). The makeup is a reflection of her personality. So, apart from the makeup products, it is also filled with hopes and aspirations.

What does a Bridal Makeup package include?

Now that we understand the importance and the immense power of makeup, we must also know what an ideal bridal makeup package includes. As you are going to be the center of attraction, you must look absolutely flawless. To get that flawless look, you need to find a flawless makeup artist, right? But that isn’t just enough! Different salons offer different packages for bridal makeup. While every package has its own special features, it depends entirely on you which package to choose based on your individual preferences and taste.

However, there are some basic and must-have components in all kinds of makeup packages for brides. The package includes not just your face makeup, but also your hairdo and draping your lehenga. All these components together give you that perfect look you had been dreaming about.

Key Components of a Bridal Makeup:


This one goes without saying. The face is certainly the most important part of any bridal package. While you can don the best lehenga in the world on your D-Day and an equally amazing piece of jewelry, it might all go in vain if your face doesn’t complement with it. Every eye is on your face (even the eyes of camera), it should not appear dull or lifeless. Makeup gives life to your face. With the right kind of makeup, your every expression makes way into the hearts of people and they will totally not resist from showering you with compliments.


Hair is yet another important aspect of our personality. The last thing a bride would want is hair that does not stay in shape, especially for women with frizzy hair. During the pre-wedding ceremonies, your hair goes through a lot of heating and ironing. It definitely needs a complete revamp on your wedding day. To achieve this, there are several hair treatments that include hair spas, hair cuts, conditioning, etc. To get the best result, it is advised to take the sittings in advance (at least 10-15 days before your wedding days) so that there is room for repair and the hair can be treated effectively.


It is not just enough to have the perfect face and hair on your special day. A bride must look stunning from top to bottom, which certainly includes her body. Draped in gorgeous lehenga with elegant makeup and hairstyle, your body should too match with the same. An ideal makeup package must include the basics like full body waxing, manicure, pedicure. It is recommended to get the waxing done a few days before the wedding. Apart from that body polishing, body bleach and a massage of essential oils are also included in the makeup package to give you a shining and immaculate body.

How early you should book a Bridal Makeup artist in India

Wedding is a huge affair, especially in a country like India where families spend most of their savings for this day alone. Indian weddings are perhaps the most celebrated weddings in the world. They have everything from amazing food to music, dance and all kinds of rituals. In fact, they are celebrated so extravagantly that an entire season has been named as a wedding season. During this season, there are tons of weddings taking place in every corner of the country (thanks to such a large population of India). Makeup artists are usually booked several months in advance as they have super-busy schedules during the wedding season. Ideally, one should book anywhere between 2-3 months in advance as their calendars fill up really quick.

How much do you need to pay to a Makeup artist in India for Bridal Makeup?

Your wedding day look is the most expensive look you’re going to have in your life. It’s not about the jaw-dropping gorgeous wedding attire or the jewelry worth lakhs, your complete look includes your makeup as well. Most well-established makeup artists charge a very high price for this kind of makeup, but there are also mid-size and small level salons that cost less in comparison. While every girl wants to achieve the looks of Sonam Kapoor on her wedding day, it is not necessary that you have to spend a million dollars on makeup.

Bridal Makeup Package Range:

The bridal packages usually start from as low as Rs 10,000 if you go for a local parlor or makeup artist. The more premium ones charge anywhere between 20k to 50k. While the prices of top-notch artists who have even worked with Bollywood celebrities can go up 1 lac and above.

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