Top 20 Lifestyle blogs in USA you need to follow in 2020

 Lifestyle is surely a broad niche to talk about. It includes several categories from travel to fashion, home décor, food and a lot more. It’s all about what people do in their daily life to achieve their goals and what standard that brings to their life. Lifestyle bloggers and influencers provide such inspiration, ideas, hacks and tips for people. If you were looking for a daily dose of motivation to live your dream life, then you should follow some of the top lifestyle blogs from the list below.

Besides, such lifestyle blogs will also help you in improving your food habits, diet, redesigning your home or improvising upon your fashion sense and so on. So, there are plenty of lifestyle/wellness blogs out there and we’ve brought to you the best of these lifestyle gurus on the internet. These lifestyle leaders will guide you and help you achieve your dreams. So, read on and follow them today!


  1. Cookin with Mima

This delicious blog was founded by Mariam Ezzeddine out of her passion for food. She is a mother of two and shares her passion for cooking with her readers. Her page conveys that cooking need not be difficult and anybody can try a hand at it. Miriam presents simple recipes of tasty dishes that can be prepared by everybody. You can find Cookin with Mima on Instagram as well.


  1. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is a beauty tycoon who runs her cosmetics blog and business – Huda Beauty. An ambitious go-getter, she is the first beauty influencer who has built her company without using any of the traditional channels. Her Instagram page has 25.3 million followers. Her blog was created out of her passion and will to share beauty hacks and DIYs. You will find beauty tips, product testings, advice on professional make-up and more on her blog.


  1. Fit Men Cook

This blog was founded by Kevin Curry in 2012 with the motive of sharing recipes during his dieting journey. He wanted to build awareness about healthy eating and most of all, motivate himself to overcome the hurdles of weight loss. His blog started small and has now become a media empire. Kevin’s blog focuses on simple recipes that form the basis of building healthy habits.


  1. Kayla Itsines

Founder of the lifestyle blog, Kayla is recognized by the Time magazine as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. She offers training guides, recipes, tips about a healthy lifestyle and more on her blog. Her mission is to help women reach their standard of fitness and gain more confidence and self-esteem.


  1. Hello Bombshell

This is a wonderful blog by Jennae Jackson. She is a stunning entrepreneur, writer, photographer and optimist who has developed a platform to engage women to live their most amazing lives. Her blog’s style is unbeatable and offers videos, courses, articles, and workshops meant to assist people on their life’s journeys.


  1. Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard’s Cup of Jo is one of the best examples of creative blogging out there. It is the first of its kind. This is a mom blog that deals with fashion, design, beauty, lifestyle and shows all the time-deprived moms how it is done. Joanna Goddard started this blog since 2007 and now has become her full-time job which inspires people all over the world.


  1. A Beautiful Mess

This blog provides beautiful insights as to how to decorate your room. Their décor ideas are sure to lure you in. They make your life easy by providing organized lifestyle ideas accessible to all. The blog aims to make your messy life as aesthetically beautiful as it can get.


Gwyneth Paltrow started blogging back in 2008. The actress shares advice about food, beauty, style and how she balances all of it while working as a busy actress. Her blog provides useful lifestyle tips and an insight into the actress’s life.

  1. Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar was founded by Will Taylor in 2009. In this blog, Will writes about his passion and love for colorful design, travel, and design. The blog is recommended by big names like Elle Décor, Martha Stewart Living and a lot more.


  1. Love Taza

Love Taza is a blog that deals with parenting. The founder and author Naomi aka Taza shares her journey of motherhood, parenting, and life in New York City since 2007. Initially, the blog wasn’t even a blog but just a collection of useful information for just a handful of friends and family but with time it came to be on the Forbes list of Top 10 blogs.


  1. iJustine

Justine Exarik founded this blog back in 2002 when she was in college. Her blog used to create video content about Apple products. In the current day, her  lifestyle blog has become one of the most popular in the tech world. Forbes listed iJustine as one of the top 10 tech and business influencers in 2017.


  1. Barefoot Blonde

Amber Fillerup Clark, the author of this blog, is full of positive energy and the same radiates through her blog. She shares her daily thoughts, hair tutorials, travel tips, style tips and more, filled to the brim with her feel good vibes. You will get a lot of inspiration for interior design, travel, beauty, and fashion too.


  1. Nutritious Life

This is a blog on healthy living by the fabulous Keri Glassman, a celebrity dietitian. It covers topics related to holistic wellness, from essential oils, deep sleeping, living and eating healthy and in a conscious way, eco-friendly ideas and loving yourself. You are likely to get lost in it’s content as it helps you develop a warm sense of swlf-love.


  1. The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts started this blog to be the girls’ girl who would be there to advise girls on anything and everything. The Skinny Confidential is a lifestyle blog that helps girls become the best versions of themselves, at their own terms. Lauryn and her team are there to help with lifestyle, self-development, blogging and SEO and any other needs of its readers.

  1. The Every Girl

This is a blog on travel, blogging, shopping, career, health, and fashion. Their newsletters are divine and aesthetic. They provide inspirational and aspirational content. The Every Girl aims to be a blog that motivates all the hard-working girls out there to help shape their lives and careers better.


  1. My Domaine

Created by Katherine Power and Hilary Kerr,My Domaine is a visually stunning blog full of engaging and enjoyable content for your sophisticated and chic palate. They present décor ideas and trends for you to get you the best of interior designing tips and plenty of lifestyle hacks too. They also have a podcast. Once you start scrolling through this website, it becomes a blissful never-ending joy ride.



This is the one-stop for your beauty needs and aesthetic ideas. This lifestyle blog deals with makeup, skin, hair, supplements, health trends and hacks. It is a complete girl world on this site and a resourceful haven that talks about all the best celebs and shares their exclusive beauty and fashion secrets.


  1. Sandy A La Mode

Sandy shares life, motherhood and fashion hacks on her super famous lifestyle blog. Her tips and outfits are consistently on point and you will end up coming back again and again for more. Sandy A La Mode is a fashion and lifestyle blog that focuses on topics such as dressy and casual outfits, home decor, exquisite food and drinks recipes, organizing and much more!


  1. The Mother Chic

This is a lifestyle blog that covers pretty much all awesome lifestyle topics. Lindsey runs the blog and shares insights on motherhood, parenting, beauty, travel, food, fashion and more. She is a mother to four kids and lives a very active lifestyle. She does monthly yoga challenges and never forgets to post her look of the day.


  1. Deliciously Ella

If you have a never-dying love for food, then this is the lifestyle blog you need to follow. Ella, the author, and owner of the blog showcases a ton of healthy and tasty food options for every age group. You are bound to enjoy her tasty suggestions. The recipes are easy to make and use simple ingredients, allowing readers to easily recreate and enjoy them on their own.


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