Residential Investment Properties and More, Where to Invest During Pandemic

This year we have seen a global pandemic which has changed absolutely everything about the way in which we live. It is important to recognize that whilst what has happened has been tragic in the case of many, those who have survived and those who are going to come out of the other side in good shape, are going to be presented with a large number of opportunities which can increase their wealth. Naturally, this is not about stepping on toes, it is about being smart and seeing an opportunity when it presents itself.

There are many investment opportunities here from residential investment properties to emerging markets and today we are going to drill down into what you may see coming your way once the pandemic is over. The first point to make here is that we have no idea what ‘over’ means with regards to Covid-19. What we do know is that this will forever remain a part of life and we should all recognize that there is no returning to normal, at least not any time soon. And so the best thing that we can do with our time is to use it for plotting what we are going to do when the pandemic is over, and do our homework so that we can make the most of the opportunities which will present themselves.

Residential Property

There are many ways in which you can make money from real estate investment and one of the most common ways of doing so is to buy with the intention of renting out the property. This is going to be something that will be highly profitable post-pandemic. The ultimate goal for people who own real estate is that they are able to rent out the property for a long time, so much so that it ultimately covers the cost of the property and beyond. Once this happens you will have an asset which is 100% profit. Post pandemic we are going to see house prices fall as a result of the incoming recession and we are also going to see many people looking to cash in on their properties as a result of a change in their financial stability. This will present an opportunity to those with cash in two ways, firstly as there will be wider availability for properties and secondly because the rental market will be pumping as many will look to rent instead of taking a risk through buying.

Stocks Opportunities

When it comes to the stocks and shares that you should be looking to invest in, we already have a great idea of which businesses are going to be performing well going forward and now could be a great time to invest. If you are going to jump in now then there are a number of options for you. The first of those options would be looking into video communications provider such as Zoom, the reason for this of course is because we are certainly walking into a new normal with offices and working situations and that will rely heavily on the software which we have been using throughout these last few months. Another great idea, although slightly risky, is the purchasing of shares in companies which are in the leisure and tourism industry. These stock prices have plummeted in recent months as tourism ground to a halt, and they present a great opportunity to investors. Once we are able to freely travel again, we are going to see a real boom in this particular sector and that is going to give investors a great upside potential.

Business Investment

You may think that the world of business presents a pretty poor investment opportunity because of so many which have been forced to close their doors. In reality, however, it is the fact that so many businesses have been forced to close which creates this opportunity in the first place. The first thing which we must consider is that these were businesses that were set up pre-pandemic and then forced to weather the storm, any businesses being set up now or after the pandemic will have been created with that risk having already been taken into consideration. The reason as to why this presents such a great opportunity is the hole which those closed businesses have left in the market. There is a better chance of buying products and infrastructure from businesses which have closed, there is going to be more availability with regards to premises that can be found for new businesses. We are also going to see high-quality staff looking for new employment and there is also, of course, a huge possibility to take on market share and scoop up customers which have been left since the closure of certain businesses. There is nothing cruel or callous about this, businesses close and open all of the time and the factors as to why are wide-ranging. If you aren’t particularly excited about the prospect of opening your very own business then you may simply wish to take on the role of a venture capital provider. This will see you invest in a business and take up a small equity share in that new venture. You can choose to be a silent investor or someone who has more input and the idea is that as the business grows, so too does your equity stake. The key to being a great investor in business is to pick an emerging sector and one which excites you, and speak with multiple new businesses to see which one you believe in most.

Whilst the pandemic has certainly been very bad for some, there are others who it has not affected so profoundly and it will be these people who eventually do well following the pandemic if they are able to take the opportunities which are going to be presented to them in the coming months and years.

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