Does The Cost of Blepharoplasty Make It Worthwhile?

Generally speaking we have seen a huge shift in the price of cosmetic procedures of almost all types. There are a number of factors as to why this price has been reduced so much we will take a look into shortly. There is however a couple of procedures which have bucked the trend with regards to cosmetic surgery, and which have not greatly changed in the last 20 years. The cost of blepharoplasty is one such procedure which has maintained its price for a very long time. Depending on how invasive the work is, generally speaking we see costs of between $2,000 and $5,000.

To those of you who may not be aware, this is a procedure which cures the appearance of droopy skin underneath the eyes. This occurs over time because of age but we have also seen it become the case for many who consistently fail to hydrate themselves properly and who lack sleep over long periods of time. In terms of looking older this is certainly an area that can add years to your life if you have deep sags and droopy skin directly below the eye. This procedure sees a doctor make a small incision into the skin, remove fat and tissue which has gathered and then closes the eye up to give a far smoother and plumes appearance. The question is whether or not the price is in fact worthwhile.

Ever-Falling Costs

As we mentioned in the intro, generally speaking we have seen a huge reduction in the costs of cosmetic surgery with the exception of a few. There are a number of factors behind why this has happened. Firstly we have seen the rate of inflation increase by just over 53% in the last 20 years where as the cost of cosmetic surgery has gone up by just 34%. There is also the fact that there is a bigger demand for cosmetic surgery than there has ever been, this has resulted in more clinics being opened, more surgeons offering a wider range of treatments like laser treatment, cosmetic surgery and as a result the cost of those treatments has been reduced. Adding to this we have also seen many advancements in this world which has meant that doctors are able to complete more procedures to a higher standard and in less time. Naturally this too has helped in the reduction of the cost of most cosmetic procedures.

The Exceptions to the Rules

In terms of the blepharoplasty there are a number of reasons as to why the cost of it hasn’t fallen in the way that it has with others. The main reason is that when compared to procedures like a rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, there just isn’t the demand for it which there are for procedures like those. Ultimately the lower prices have been as a result of supply and demand and where there has been no real demand for this procedure, at least not to the levels of others, it is clear that the supply hasn’t been needed and thus the price has stayed largely the same.

The Big Question, Is It Worth It?

And of course the big question in all of this is whether the cost of the treatment is in fact worthwhile. To understand this we should first start with the reasons as to why there is less demand for this type of procedure than for others. The first thing here is that it is a procedure which is generally used by the older population and many of those who fall into that category care far less about the way that they look than a young 25 year old who is looking for breast augmentation. This is the most important thing really with regards to why people don’t wish to have this work done. Another clear reason here is that unlike many other procedures, we haven’t seen the same level of advancements for this procedure as we have done with others and the results of this in particular still vary a great deal, that is also something which can put people off having such a procedure carried out.

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Those however who have had a blepharoplasty are generally over the moon with the results and the difference which it can make to a person’s appearance is absolutely incredible. The issue is whether or not you get this done with a specialist or not, because the results are either perfect and amazing with a specialist, or varied with someone who can do the blepharoplasty but hasn’t a long experience in doing so. The ultimate question then as to whether or not this is a procedure which is worthwhile is that if it is successful then yes, it absolutely is. In most cases this small procedure alone can take off 10 year, sometimes more in terms of appearance. Given the impact and the clear improvement which this procedure can make, the cost of even the higher $5,000 really doesn’t seem like that much, especially if those droopy eyes and the appearance of the skin under the eyes is something which bothers you.

In conclusion then it is easily understandable why the cost of a blepharoplasty has remained higher than so many in the world of cosmetic surgery. It seems also that we have something of a chicken and egg situation here too, as the demand for the procedure is lower because the results aren’t guaranteed. If however we had a rise in demand then there would also be a rise in improvements around the procedure which would then lower prices. To those who have had a successful blepharoplasty however, there is absolutely no doubt in their mind that it has been something which has taken years off them and which has most certainly given them the value for money that they are looking for.

Ultimately your decision as to whether this procedure is for you, will come down to how desperately you want the blepharoplasty completed, and whether or not your economic situation allows for such an expense.

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