Maharashtrian Wedding Looks: 7 Ways to Look Sharp at Your Wedding

Maharashtrian weddings look even more beautiful because of the wedding outfits and look served by the bride and groom. From traditional jewelry designs, beautiful fabrics of Nauvari and Paithani sarees to the golden avatar in dhoti-kurta of the groom along with a safa – everything makes the event the ultimate wedding goal.

As India is a land of great diversity, Indian weddings are also no less diverse. While there are numerous festival-related and extensively curated rituals in typical Indian weddings, the families in India usually save a portion of their lifelong savings in order to spend a significant amount of effort and resources for the preparations and celebrations of weddings.

Although there are a few details that the couple can pay attention to, which would further elevate their entire outfit and look! Before we get to the list of ways to look sharp, download any Marathi Matrimony app today and let us help you find your ideal soulmate. Now, let’s check out the different ways to look sharp for your big day in the list below:

Things to stress upon

  1. Effortless Fusion of Style with Tradition

It might not be necessary for the bride and groom to stick with their traditional silk fabrics in typical shades like mustard and green, but rather enjoy the fusion of tradition and style. The wedding couple can pull off an elegant look for their wedding, where the groom wears a beige-colored, heavily studded sherwani in red stones. At the same time, the bride chooses a velvet material for her saree in a royal shade like sapphire or maroon. She may decide to skip the traditional gold jewelry and instead opt for silver oxidized jewelry. This will indeed differ from the typical Maharashtrian Bridal look and make the guests skip a few heartbeats. Talking about weddings, if you’re looking for a life partner, then don’t wait any longer and create your Marathi Matrimony profile today to take one step forward in finding your true match!

  1. Grooming is the Secret to Success

While the main focus during the Marathi Matrimony would be towards the outfit, it sure makes a difference if the bride and groom are well-groomed. This would include a good haircut and shave for the groom, with manicured hands and feet. A good haircut and shave can change the entire appearance of the groom and make him look younger, sharper, and more charming. From meeting the guests to completing the pheras, the focus will be driven towards the groom’s hands and feet, and nobody would like to see unkempt nails, would they? The bride should pay equal attention to her grooming as well. She can get a beautiful french manicure if possible or paint her nails in a soft nudish-pink color. The bride should also trim her eyebrows and keep her hands well moisturized.

  1. Coordinated Outfits for the Wedding

If we flip through any of the iconic celebrity weddings before COVID-19, one thing that remains constant amongst all the couples is to have coordinated outfits. This should be discussed with the selected designer, in which way can both outfits be merged like the groom can add the colors of the bride’s saree to his Mundavalya with similar touches of stones and pearls. Or else the bride can choose the saree border to be the same fabric and pattern as the groom. These subtle touches of togetherness will truly complement both the looks and make the couple look like a match made in heaven!

Minor details play a major role

  1. Footwear is Also an Essential

Along with the outfit comes the responsibility to have good-looking shoes. Paying attention to these small details can change the entire look for the couple. The bride and groom should pick their shoes and the rest of their outfit rather than wearing an old jutti. The bride can go for a red jutti with golden embroidery, while the groom can pick a beige jutti with similar embroidery in gold. Guests will not directly avert their eyes to your footwear, but the attention might go there once you take them off before sitting at the mandap.

  1. Pay Close Attention to Accessories

When it comes to Maharashtrian jewelry worn by the bride, the tradition naath, Kohlapuri thushi, haath phool, ambada, etc. make a deadly combination that can change the entire bridal look in a second. Brides should make sure to select their wedding accessories and jewelry items not before their outfit. They should carry references of their attire and what stonework or shape they like before finalizing the jewelry designs.

  1. Follow a Rigorous Skincare & Fitness Routine

Both the bride and groom should follow a strict routine for their skin and fitness. The preparation to get an even-toned and glowing skin should begin at least a month before the wedding. Take a session with your dermatologist online and order the essential skincare items. A good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are an excellent place to start. Your fitness is also going to play a crucial factor on your wedding day. If you want to feel good and walk with confidence, start exercising and eating healthy at least three months before the wedding date. The couple will undoubtedly look dashing with their new and improved skin and physique.

  1. Make Your Dental Health a Priority

If the couple wants to charm away guests with their beautiful smiles, they should make sure to fix their teeth. The bride and groom should whiten their teeth, fill their cavities, and prevent any bad breaths. Oral hygiene is as important as body hygiene, so make sure to tend to your teeth at least a month before the wedding. Remember to get whitening done a few days before, as it will take the freshly whitened teeth a few days to look natural with the rest of your face.


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