Gia Walsh East Hampton- What Do Film Producers Do?

I knew early on in my life that I wanted to be involved with movies, but I was never sure what the best role would be for me. At the beginning of this year I decided that I would follow in some famous producer’s footsteps and become a film producer. The more that I began to dig into what a film producer is, the more that I recognized just how complex this world is. So what exactly it that a film producer does? Let’s take a look.

Touch of Everything

Ultimately a film producer really does a little bit of everything with regards to the making of a movie. Producers will help to find shooting locations, they will organize the set design, they will work tightly with the writers and the directors to ensure that everything is up to scratch and they will also work with the talent to make sure that they are in place. Producers are at the heart of the financial management and the logistics of a movie production.

Producers are the ones who set the schedule and make sure that everything falls in place with regards to timings and getting the right people in the right place. Gia Walsh East Hampton girl like myself and one of my favorite film producers has inspired me for a number of years.

Executive Producer

The role which I eventually would like to take on is that of executive producer, this is a more complex role than a standard producer. The role of the executive producer is to manage the team of producers underneath them, and ensure that everyone is in line to perform each task required of them. The buck stops with the executive producer and they very often will be tried by the studio, to oversee its team for the movie. More often than not, the executively producer is usually the person who finances the project.

How to Break In

I am currently working on how best to get into this industry, and it isn’t as easy as getting a degree and then applying for a position. For the most part, producers get into the industry by working in it and trying to gain as much experience as they can, to bolster their credentials. Because of the fact that a movie producer needs to do a little bit of everything, learning how to do all of those bits in the first place will be helpful. I plan to volunteer for some movie and TV projects in the coming year, and then once I have mastered the craft I plan to apply for jobs in production companies to continue my learning and to get my foot in the door of this industry. From here I will work my way up to the top spot of executive producer.

Is this something which you would like to do? What role would you take on in the movie industry if you could? Feel free to get in touch below.

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