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In the hands of director Ahmed KhanBaaghi 3 has turned out to be a bloated mess. As many as five writers are credited with ironing out the script, which stays largely loyal to the Tamil film of which this film is an official remake. Tiger Shroff plays Ronnie, who has spent the most of his years protecting his timid elder brother Vikram (Ritesh Deshmukh) from bullies.

Vikram, who surprisingly is a police officer, is sent to Syria on an assignment, where he is attacked and abducted by an Islamic terrorist organization. When Ronnie shows up to save his elder brother he unleashes such havoc that it prompts the terror leader to enquire who is responsible for the upheaval: “America? Russia? or Mossad?”

It’s a no-brainer premise; there is zero sensitivity or understanding for the politics of the region. Accents are lame and all over the place. Although the film is set in Syria for its ravaged landscape, it has been shot in Serbia. Baaghi 3 is executed with such lack of self-awareness and shabbiness that it doesn’t even cut it as one of those Chuck Norris-saves-the-world entertainers.

Brilliant actors like Vijay Varma and Jaideep Ahlawat are wasted in roles that hardly do justice to their talent. Ritesh Deshmukh cheerily takes it up as the mild-mannered, darpok older brother prone to calling out for his younger brother each time he’s in trouble. Shraddha Kapoor provides some comic relief, and then, possibly as an afterthought on the part of the makers she gets into action mode as well. To put it simply, none of the actors besides the film’s lead actor leaves any lasting mark.

Baaghi 3 is a Tiger Shroff show all the way, and the actor – frequently seen shirtless and bronzed – looks happy to do the heavy lifting yet again. Despite the lame script, he is utterly and entirely convincing even in the most impossible action scenarios; yes even when he’s perched on top of three crashed helicopters, smiling satisfactorily. Tiger is all muscle neck down, but largely wooden up north. There’s not a lot of range of emotions on that face, and yet it’s hard not to appreciate the sheer artistry and intensity of what he does with the rest of that body.


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