Why You Need to Replace Your Hotel Room with a Corporate Housing Unit

Do you find yourself constantly on the go for work? If you’re like many busy professionals, you may have become accustomed to the hotel life. But if there was a better way to travel? The truth is, hotels aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Instead of booking a hotel for your next trip, you may want to consider renting a corporate housing unit for multiple reasons.

Why Corporate Housing?

Today’s travelers have multiple options when searching for long- and short-term stays. Although the hotel room has been a staple choice among the majority of travelers, times are beginning to change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more travelers are interested in staying at more unique places that offer different travel experiences, according to Brian Ferdinand. (CorpHousing Group Managing Partner)

Corporate housing has especially picked up steam for individuals seeking temporary housing for 30-plus days. The benefit of corporate housing units is they come with all-inclusive bills, which makes paying for this type of housing more convenient for busy travelers.

Note that corporate housing isn’t just ideal for business travelers. It also appeals to traveling nurses, workers in the film industry, construction professionals, and students. Insurance companies also use corporate housing to house their clients whose homes have been destroyed, for example. Likewise, relocating families and individuals use this type of housing when transitioning from Point A to Point B.

Additional Reasons to Go with Corporate Housing

A major reason why the demand for corporate housing is trending upward is that hotels are extremely space limited. Corporate housing units are larger than hotel rooms, so they make you feel more at home, rather than feeling cramped for weeks on end.

Corporate housing also stands out for being more affordable when compared with an extended-stay hotel. That’s because hotels usually charge between 15% and 17% in tax. With a hotel room, you could end up spending almost double what you may spend on a corporate housing unit.

Finally, corporate housing offers the benefit of being fully furnished. This means that you can enjoy a queen bed, a dryer/washer, and a full kitchen every day during your stay. Your unit will also come with towels, linen sets, a clock radio, pictures, plants, a night stand, an end table, lamps, chairs, and a table. In other words, your corporate housing unit will basically be like your actual home, just in another city.

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