How would you Choose the Right Notched Trowels to Install your Tile?

If you want to upgrade your home with some attractive tiles, then you must use some basic tools. It is a must that you choose the right set of trowels for your DIY project. Notched trowels are necessary for tile installation. In this piece of writing, you would find all the essential details related to Notched trowels and choosing the right one.

What is a Notched Trowel?

Basically, you need to use a notched trowel to apply adhesive on the ceiling, floor, and walls. Such trowels are designed with a handle and flat metal plate, and you can use this plate to scoop up and spread the adhesive. To ensure a smooth tiled finish, you need to use different types of notched trowels. You can apply the right amount of mortar to install the tiles and you can use such trowels to cover the tiles with mortar.

How would you decide on the Mortar Coverage?

According to the guideline of ANSI or the American National Standards Institute, you need to use different amounts of mortar for different surfaces. For example, 95% of mortar coverage is necessary for wet areas and you need to use more mortars for outdoor areas and showers. You can cover up to 80% area with mortar for dry areas, like bathroom floors, backsplashes, and fireplaces. On the other part, you must use large notched trowels to install natural stones because you need to apply more mortar or adhesive for such stones.

Depending on the size of the tiles, you need to use mortar. If you want to install large times, then you can use large flat trowels. But if you want to lay the tiles on a floor with a little slope then you need to use thicker mortar.

Different types of notched trowels:

Notched trowels are also known as tooth shape trowels. You can use such notched trowels to maintain the spaces between the tiles. You should leave such spaces between the tiles to pass the air. You can find three types of notched trowels in the market, such as U-Notch, V-Notch, and Square-Notch trowels.

V-shaped Trowels: as the name suggests, V-shaped notched trowels have v-shaped edges, and then you can use such trowels to install mosaic tiles. You need to apply the least amount of mortar for installing mosaic tiles and you can use a v-shaped notched trowel for the same. You can use this trowel on the walls and ceiling.

U-Notched Trowels: if you want to apply more mortar then you can use this trowel. It is designed for installing times which are one edge and larger than four inches.

Square-Notches: these towels are designed with stainless steel grips and you can use such trowels to dispense more mortar. You can create mortar rows with this trowel, and you can use this trowel for any tile. Mostly, these trowels are used for installing floor tiles.

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How would you choose the right Trowels?

Apart from the shape, you need to consider the size of the trowels. If you want to apply the least amount of adhesive, then you need to use a small trowel. So, you need to measure the width and depth of such notched trowels before you choose. You can search for such trowels online and check their specifications to choose the best one.

Depending on the size and depth of the tiles, you need to choose the trowels. For example, you can use a v-shaped trowel for installing 3/16” x ¼” tiles. On the other part, for larger tiles like 4”x4” to 8”x8” tiles, you need to use a U-shaped trowel

If you have read all the details carefully, then you can buy the perfect notched trowel for your DIY and complete your project like a pro.

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