Bigg Boss 13: Who will be the winner from top 6?

It is quite difficult to find people in India that do not know about Bigg Boss nowadays. Even though it has reached to 13th season now, the show is in full swing and everyone is talking about its “Season Tedha”. The popularity of Big Boss 13 has reached to such an extent that the show was extended for 5 weeks. Something that has never happened before With everyone talking about the Salman Khan hosted reality show, why should we be left behind?

Since the first day of the new Big Boss 13 season, there has been chatter amongst youngsters and the older generation alike, about who will win this time. From Siddharth Shukla to Asim Riaz and from Shehnaaz Gill to Rashmi Desai, everyone has their own share of fan following and their fans are convinced that their favorite contestant should and will win.

But who amongst the final 6 contestants going into the finale of Bigg Boss Season 13 is most likely to win? Let’s recap the season-defining moments of Bigg Boss 13 before we make any predictions.

Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz

They definitely started the show being really as close as brothers, but Siddharth’s dominating nature has cost him his place as a friend in Asim’s heart for sure. Asim got tired of the consistent overpowering nature of Siddharth and it led to the big fight between them where Siddharth pushed him to the ground.

The aggressive nature has also led Siddharth onto the verge of elimination once, but he still remains the most popular contestant this season. This was pretty clear when #WESUPPORTSIDSHUKLA began trending on Twitter after the news of his possible elimination.

Since the fights between Siddharth and Asim, the house has seen a pretty clear division. Rashmi Desai stood by Asim’s side when they had a fight, and we don’t even need to explain #SIDNAAZ.

What do the Fans feel? Fan reviews

  • Judging by the popular opinion, Siddharth Shukla tops the chart for being chosen as the probable winner. Asim Riaz is not far behind, with the increase in his popularity lately.
  • One fan was confident with Siddharth’s victory, stating that he has been the center of the house all-season and Bigg Boss has tended to favor him many times as well.
  • Another fan was quick to point out that Asim has played the game without seeking much support from anyone, and deserves to win.
  • Shehnaaz Gill is one of the most sincere contestants, one fan added, and would definitely win the game if the celebrity popularity among pre-show fan bases of other contestants does not play a crucial part in deciding the winner.

When will the winner be announced? Grand finale date of Big Boss 13

The finale of Bigg Boss 13 will be aired on Saturday, 15th of February, 2020.

Popularity Index: Most popular contestants in Bigg Boss 13

Based on what we have read through the social media channels, here is the list of Bigg Boss 13 contestants ranked according to their popularity, from least to most popular.

  1. Arti Singh

Arti has had a tough time dealing with her fellow contestants inside the Bigg Boss 13 house and has also broken down in front of the camera. While she was the one close to Siddharth during the initial phase of the season, Shehnaaz Gill has taken her spot and left Krishna Abhishek’s sister in a spot of bother ever since.

  1. Paras Chhabra

The winner of Splitsvilla 5, Paras calls himself a ‘sanskari playboy’ and is used to reality shows. He has always tried to come up with his own strategies from time to time. After minor incidents with Siddharth, they are on pretty good terms at this point of time.

  1. Rashami Desai

She has been eliminated once, but we can’t rule her out just yet. Ever since her boyfriend has been called into the Bigg Boss 13 house through a wild-card entry, she has upped her game a lot. She is one of the most deserving contenders for the title. She even got immunity as she earned the vote of the media in an Elite Club task. But when compared to the top three, we feel she might come up a bit short.

  1. Asim Riaz

The model Asim Riaz has definitely come out of the shadows of Siddharth and gained popularity in recent weeks during Bigg Boss Season 13. He stays loyal to his friends and has shown some dynamic conduct during his time in the house. But the reality is, he simply does not have the fan following that our top two contenders have.

  1. Shehnaaz Gill

How can we forget to mention the ultimate bond between Siddharth and Shehnaaz? They are most frequently seen together in Bigg Boss Season 13 almost throughout the day and seem to be the cure to Siddharth’s aggressiveness sometimes. We feel that her joyful nature has paid off, and she is one of the top contenders for this year’s Bigg Boss.

  1. Siddharth Shukla

Hands down, Siddharth is the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss 13. Since day 1, he has established his position in the house with his smart attitude and friendly nature. His chemistry with Shehnaaz, the witty, savage and sarcastic ways of giving back to his enemies, his one-liners, all have added to the charm of the show. If our opinions are to be believed, he is the clear cut winner of the show at this moment. Even when his health did not cope with him, he has been real and fought hard for his place, earning the titles of Undisputed Captain, King of the house and Badshah of the house.

Whoever wins Bigg Boss season 13, we can say that this season has proven to be the most entertaining one and a magnet for TRP. It’s going to go right down in history books as the most successful season yet!

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