Best Tips for Eternal Fitness


As we age, we begin to lose physical strength, flexibility, and fitness. Strength training done regularly not only builds bone and muscle, but also counteracts the weakness and frailty that is usually associated with ageing. Although there is some disagreement in the fitness community about whether to exercise on an empty stomach or not, most experts agree that it is best to have a light meal containing carbohydrates and protein, such as a protein shake about 45 minutes before you start working out. If you can’t fit in an early morning workout, you don’t have to worry because as long as you are exercising, you are doing yourself a great service; and getting numerous health benefits, no matter what time of the day. Many people with weight problems fear feeling hungry. They seem to have no control over their food habits. In such cases, expert advice, counselling can really help. Easy to follow? Here are some easy tips for you to follow, without changing your daily routine much. You can improve your fitness tremendously, if you follow these. Let’s have a look.

Why do People become Fat, and What to Do about it?

A body that carries a little extra adipose tissue or you may call it ‘fat tissue’, may, nowadays, be identified as “fat” and “unattractive” while in earlier periods it was seen to be plump and healthy, and therefore very attractive. In other words, bodies only make sense within specific cultural contexts. But there is a reason why you are advised to go for aerobic, jogging and weight-training activities. This is simply because firstly, unwanted weight gain or loss, causes feelings of depleted personal worth. Secondly, being overweight is not just about what dress size you take or being a bit “out of shape” – excess weight is a major risk factor for serious and even life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. But you can always go for fasting, which is so easy, you really can’t fail. In fact, it’s something we all do already – breakfast, quite literally, is breaking a fast of around 12 hours. Fundamentally, fasting for weight loss is all about nutrition. When you do eat, you must eat well.

You can also use the built-in health and fitness apps to keep track of your health and fitness. A watch or timer is essential for keeping track of the work and rest intervals during exercises. When you’re fasting, there’s no cutting out of major food groups such as carbohydrates or essential fats. If you’ve ever dieted, you know it’s hard not to lose muscle mass along with fat. Since you will be adding an exercise program to your weight-loss regimen, your body needs to be functioning optimally in order to flush fats and build lean muscle. The weight loss that you’ll experience from juicing and then eating healthy foods, and exercising on a regular basis is just another side effect of a body that’s functioning properly. Do it for your health as well as your looks. If your willpower is weak when your energy levels dip, you feel just plain hungry, and start eating whatever you wish. So, don’t starve your body. Make the time to set out your exercise and eating plan at least the day before.

What is the Correct Way to Exercise?

You’re not going to be able to exercise vigorously because it’s likely that you’ll be a little weak and will have less endurance, but exercising is still a vital part of keeping your mind straight and your body healthy. Especially if you’re used to working out on a daily basis, continue exercising even if you have to modify your routine a little. Losing fat is hard work. It’s time for you to make the changes you need to get healthy and happy in your skin. The exercises you should perform depend on what you want to achieve. Structuring your workout properly is important because various exercises place different demands on your body. The warm-up is one of the most neglected aspects of a workout. It can seem like a boring waste of time, but the purpose of a warm-up is simple: to raise your core temperature and prepare your muscles for the work to come. These sound like small things in your fitness regime, but they can make a great difference.

Doing some light cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging on the spot, will make your heart beat faster, which pumps oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and elevates your body’s temperature. Work out once, or at most, twice a week. Make sure your workouts last no longer than 20 minutes. Then sit back and watch what happens. For the vast majority of people, being overweight is not caused by how much they eat but by what they eat. Weight is all about the balance between energy added through diet and energy burned through activity. Set realistic expectations. Instead of focusing on how happy you’ll be after reaching your ultimate weight goal, focus on small, achievable goals toward which you can make progress. Now, when the goal is staying fit eternally, obviously the goal is to live longer. By thinking optimistically, eating healthy and exercising regularly you can actually increase your odds of living longer!

A Healthy Mind, and a Healthy Body-the shortcut of Fitness

Eating your veggies is another step in the right direction; doing away with pizzas is yet another right step; and so on. Exercise helps prevent diabetes. It reduces stress and improves mood. In fact, exercise is crucial for good health and critical to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Exercise speeds muscle growth and helps your body increase strength and burn fat more effectively. You can also do yoga to decreases muscle tension, reduces stress and anxiety and increase blood flow in your body. In the end, ‘eternal’ fitness comes from maintaining good health and achieving inner-peace and well-being. Once you have control over what you eat, and how long you exercise, your fitness lies in your hands. You can avoid becoming probe to several diseases if you maintain strong immunity, and eat healthy. A healthy and fit person is more likeable, looks better, and feels better. Follow these tips, and get a happy and healthy life, without much hassle.

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