10 Hill Stations to Visit around Delhi

Well it can get unbearably hot in May and June, when many parts of the country experience temperatures around 40°C and above. The hot season makes you want to flee the humid plains and head for the cooler hills. Even when summers aren’t around the beauty and serenity of the hills make us want to ho there and spend some time. Hill stations are popular destinations for people wanting to spend some quality time with their loved ones. The best time to visit the hill stations is summers. The excitement of going to a hill station always brings chills to our bodies. The feel of the mysterious valleys and hills rising far above them never seem to stop amazing us. So, if you want to escape the boring city life and see the beauty of the hill stations, you are at the right place. Here, you will find all you need to know about 10 beautiful hill stations around Delhi.

The Well-Known Hill Stations

Shimla has been India’s premier British-era hill station. It has serene pine forests, vast apple orchards and beautiful valleys. Shimla is has become an overgrown holiday town so close to the valley. The English-era buildings have some kind of historical importance too, but more than that they give a feeling of mystery and awe. A long walk in the forests nearby aggravates this feeling. A jagged line of snow-covered peaks is clearly visible from April to June, and in October and November. You may take your woolens if you want to be extra careful. Believe me, you will be thrilled to watch the snow-capped hills in Shimla. Also, you should remember that there are laws that ban the usage of plastic bags, littering, smoking and spitting in public places. It is common for police to penalize offenders with Rs500 fine. Shimla is a must-go hill station.

The old hill station of Dalhousie is an attraction with deep pine valleys and vast snowy mountain views. It’s a really cool hill station to be honest; and you can do all cool things here when you pay a visit. Dalhousie is another hill station from the British era; it has several modern hotels. Newly-weds and romantics come here often. Sometimes it feels like you can’t do much here, but stroll and admire the views; and this is the beauty of Dalhousie. You will find a new track, or so it seems like when you travel in the valleys. Dalhousie offers a variety of foods for tourists ranging from local Himachali cuisine to North Indian, Continental, Chinese and Tibetan. The frost days there add to the feel of watching the meadows and flowing rivers. You can also cool off in Mussoorie hill station located in the Himalayan foothills. The ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ is one of Uttarakhand’s favourite holiday destinations.

The Hill Stations with Unique Attractions

Rajasthan’s rich history, large palaces sprawling all over and the Great Thar Desert-all add to the magnificence of the state’s tourist attractions. The highest point of the pleasant hill station of Mt Abu, Rajasthan’s only hill station, rises high above the deserts and welcomes the travellers who thirst for some adventure. Several Indian maharajas built their summer holiday palaces here. It is very interesting to see how smartly large reserves of water were built to save water for dry seasons. Mt Abu attracts hordes of holidaymakers from neighbouring states. Travelling a little down the slopes, you will find the home to monkeys, bears, wild boars, and other wildlife. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is a great attraction. The hill station has several Hindu and Jain temples, and forts. You can either stay in grand hotels that are as royal as Rajasthan, or you can go and stay at the Dharmshalas and experience some mysticism.

Morni Hills is Haryana’s only hill station. It falls in the Shivalik range of Himalayas, and Kasauli hills in nearby Himachal Pradesh offer an added attraction to its natural beauty. Morni’s hills are a great escape from the busy city buzz, however weekends can get busy as tourists come flocking in to spend some quality time with their friends. Morni have peaks rising up to 4,157 ft in the Panchkula district of Haryana. It is just the right place to witness the mighty Himalayan peaks, flora, and lakes. Masoompur Fort and Garhi Kotaha Fort are interesting places to visit. Tourist resorts have vast picnic grounds. You can enjoy warm sunlight during the day, and purposefully lose your track to visit the Morni Hill Waterfall. Why? Because once you visit it, you will want to come back here again, and again. If you want to go hiking, here is a hill station that will leave some good memories long after your visit.

The Lesser-Known-Popular Hill Stations

Ranikhet in the Kumaon hills is another great hill station, styled the old-fashioned way with military atmosphere. It spreads over green hills and distant Himalayan peaks are visible in all beauty. The nearby town has a busy street bazaar area. You can also carry your books to give a reading while sitting down the tall trees. Your time there will be fruitful; every morning you wake up, you will get to see snowcapped peaks. The low-profile hill station, very close to the Nepal border, Mirik is surrounded by tea estates, orchards, plantations and forests with very tall cedars. The charming hill station will soothe your senses and relax your mind. Dharamshala in Kangra district is the second capital of Himachal Pradesh. The hill station has scenic beauty comparable to that of Jammu. Manali near the Kullu Valley is another popular hill station. It is a paradise for those who love trekking, rock climbing, skiing, and river rafting.

Almora hill station located in Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand is surrounded by dense pine and fir forests. The view ok Kosi river and snow-capped Himalayan peaks is unbelievable. You can take to horse riding in hill stations with lowland forests. You can search for trekking routes. You may also like the idea of going for some yoga classes and white-water rafting down rivers. Forest-clad hills, waterfalls, lakes and glaciers-there is so much to explore. See, hill stations can be visited all year; it is only in July and August when rains and landslides block roads. You must go and see for yourself the beauty that hill stations of India have to offer you. There will always be festivals and ceremonies, jobs to do, and things to take care of. Delhi is going through intense air pollution crisis. It will be a refreshing experience if you go and visit any of these hill stations near Delhi. After all, there is nothing better than vacationing with your family.

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