Top 20 Marketing Blogs to follow in 2020

If you own a blog, are a blogger or own a business that has an online presence, then online marketing is imperative for you. You need to have in-depth knowledge about all the marketing strategies and apply them to stay on top. There are many people out there to help you with your marketing venture. There is a large number of marketing blogs out there packed with tips and tricks and guidelines for you to follow.

The internet is like a huge ocean and it has so many marketing blogs afloat. Hence, it has become a sort of challenge to know which one of these zillion blogs is of actual value and will help you learn and grow. Keep reading to find out which marketing blogs are the best and need to be subscribed to.


  1. HubSpot                       

The HubSpot blog receives over millions of visitors per month and hence, has become one of the most famous marketing blogs. It has got you covered with every single topic you could imagine about marketing. These blogs are very actionable and also incredibly detailed. You will get to learn a lot about marketing if you take out some time and read some of the blogs of HubSpot.

  1. Ann Handley

Ann Handley’s blog has top-notch inbound marketing advice and insights. Apart from that, her blogs also have her wit and humor. She is a writer, a Wall Street best-selling author and a digital marketing pioneer and she speaks about how content is important in businesses.


  1. DigitalMarketer

This is a premium online community for digital marketing professionals. The goal of the company is to double up the sizes of 10,000 businesses within just 5 years. It is doing so by teaching marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners how digital marketing campaigns are run effectively to drive much more traffic, sales and profit. The blog has practical and educational articles about every single aspect of digital marketing and many techniques that have been already tested by the company’s team of experts.


  1. The PR 20/20 Blog

This blog brews fresh content every day from different writers. The topics covered consist of strategy making, SEO, social, PR, email, content and marketing technologies. The leadership team behind the blog is the same team that created the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. So, this company’s blog naturally became one of the best in the inbound marketing industry.

This is a great blog for anybody who wants to stay updated about marketing technology and also wishes to dive into traditional topics like PR and social media.


  1. Kuno Creative

This is a top-notch inbound marketing agency that regularly brings out content about inbound marketing, brand experience, inbound sales and demand generation. They provide well-written and researched articles and their blog is aimed at mid to large-sized companies.


  1. Lynton               

Lynton is an agency that specializes in WordPress and HubSpot and their blog includes articles on web design, marketing, and custom software integrations. This blog is a great resource to make the most of your investment if you are using HubSpot or WordPress.


  1. Moz       

As the description of this blog says, the industry’s top doctors, wizards, and other experts offer their best advice, how-tos, insights, and research. All this to level up your SEO and online marketing skills. The content published by Moz has always been regarded as the gold standard for marketers who wish to dive deeper into SEO and related topics.


  1. Copyblogger                   


If you are struggling with online content marketing and copywriting, then Copyblogger will help you a great deal. It is hailed as the bible of online marketing. This blog will give you the best tips, guides, strategies on copywriting that will end up making you a far better blogger and copywriter.


  1. Ahrefs                   

You will find a lot of marketing blogs here with in-depth content. They explain the basic topics for beginners properly and describe their advanced SEO techniques by keeping all the strict SEO gurus in their minds. Each of their articles contains cool images and usable guides and tips.


  1. Chris Brogan

This man has been blogging ever since this act was called journaling. His experience is reflected in his blogs. He offers business and marketing advice to mid and large companies. His blog publishes an article aimed at helping companies know the evolving cultural effects of the digital landscape. He also throws in videos and humor in his informative blogs to make them even more enjoyable.


  1. Problogger

This is the home for all those who wish to start a blog and deliver great content. The mantra of this blog is that if you wish to grow your blogs, then just go professional and make money through them. This blog is all about helping readers to monetize their blogging efforts. Head here, if you need tips and tricks in blogging.


  1. ClickZ

ClickZ was founded in 1997 and ever since has grown into one of the largest digital marketing entities in the world today. This site will help senior marketers and business leaders explore digital marketing technologies. Hence, they can transform their industries by utilizing the latest updates, insights, and intelligence.


  1. Top Rank Marketing Blog               

This blog was created by Susan Misukanis and Lee Odder and helps major brands like Dell, LinkedIn and McKesson handle difficult digital marketing and PR challenges. The company’s blog covers topics like SEO, social media, influencer marketing, content marketing and much more.


  1. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas was named by Forbes as the “top influencer of CMOs”. He was also named one of Entrepreneur’s “50 online marketing influencers to watch”. He is a seasoned business marketing blogger who writes on topics related to blogging, social media, content marketing, SEO, business and personal growth.


  1. Seth Godin         

Seth Godin is said to be the godfather of marketing bloggers. He posts daily and these posts make the top spot in most marketers’ blog subscription lists. His blogs are short but immensely thought-provoking.


  1. John Chow

John Chow rocketed in the blogging scene when he displayed the potential of earning through blogging. He took his blog from zero to making more than $40,000 per month in just 2 years. All this just by working only 2 hours per day. His blog is ranked 16 on the AdAge Power 150 list and 1 in the list of Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs. This blog will help you a great deal in marketing.


  1. Search Engine Watch

If you have an online business, then you need to stay on top of search engines. This would help you take the right path. This marketing blog publishes SEO insights, tips and tricks and plenty of helpful guides to help you improve your site to rank better in Google.


  1. Danny Brown                   

HubSpot has ranked Brown as the number 1 marketing blog, so you need to go and see for yourself. He has earned the first spot for a reason. It seems as if he is speaking directly to you through his blogs. He provides advice and plenty of information in an innovative storytelling manner. Now, that is very effective.


  1. Orbit Media                 

Content marketing blogs focus on delivering content just a little too often. This blog, on the other hand, is not scared of diving deep into all aspects of online marketing. Orbit Media used to be a web design agency and then turned into SEO/ digital marketing blog. It is packed with insights based on their experience and provides tips on improving your conversion rates, UX design, analytics and a lot more.


  1. Andrew Chen                     

This blog covers some very unique topics and earns a spot from that fact alone. Intriguing topics like the Power User Curve are not usually discussed anywhere else. So, this blog is worth checking out. Andrew Chen talks about obscure topics that nobody else evens touches. He also used to hold a growth and marketing position at Uber and has been hugely responsible for their current success.

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