Top 20 Tech Blogs You Need to Follow in 2020 for Tech Updates

What do you get when you bring together the love of reading to learn and a passion for following the latest technological trends and discoveries? Simple. People who love tech blogs! In today’s fast flying world blogs are the quickest way of getting all kinds of latest information. 

With statistics showing that 77 percent of the internet users read blogs online and 23 percent of all time spent online goes into browsing social networks and reading blogs, it has become quintessential to create high-quality content for your blog as a part of any and every marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the top 20 tech blogs in the USA that help their visitors in being informed about the latest technological innovations and keep them coming back for more! 

1.  The Verge

Founded in 2011, The Verge is an ‘ambitious multimedia effort’ that explores how technology will change our lives in the coming future. According to them, the world of technology has migrated from the far fringes of culture to its center after mobile technology created a new generation of digital consumers. They create content for the mainstream audience to make the news accessible to all the visitors.

2.  Wired

Wired is just as fast-paced and diverse as the tech industry. Their theme is ‘Wired is where tomorrow is realized’. The articles featured on the ‘Wired’ website highlights how technology is changing every aspect of our lives, starting from culture to business, science, and design.  The latest innovations uncovered by them lead to new ways of thinking, connections, and industries. More than 30 million people visit ‘Wired’ each month through, social media, magazines, and live events.

3.  MIT Technology Review

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s very own, MIT Technology Review was found in 1899. It aims to ‘bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism’.  The website consistently provides daily scoops of informative tech-related information. The site also features articles, news analysis, business reports, photo essays, and interactive digital experiences that helps visitors in exploring and understanding new technologies and their impacts on the world.

4.  TechCrunch

TechCrunch is an American website that provides latest information related to technology, analysis of emerging trends in technology, and news about new tech businesses and products to its visitors. It is one of the oldest websites to report substantial news on tech startups and funding. It also hosts tech events around the world that combine digital media and live activations. Make sure you download the TechCrunch app to get the latest tech news at a single press of your fingertip.

5.  Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a tech website which made some serious marketing waves when the people behind it claimed that they ‘come from the future’. Founded in 2002 by Gawker Media Network, Gizmodo is a well-respected news source with blogs that are always on the cutting edge of tech info. Their website features posts related to science, technology, and futurism.

6.   Fast Company

Launched in November 1995, Fast company is a veteran in its field and focuses on the latest technological innovations, leadership, world-changing ideas, creativity, and design, emphasizing their impact on business. Founded by two former Harvard Business Review editors, Fast Company inspires its readers to ‘think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business.’

7.  Mashable

Mashable is a huge multi-platform media and entertainment website. Powered by its proprietary technology, Mashable provides in-depth news related to technology, digital culture, and entertainment for its dedicated audience across the world. The company brags of 45 million unique monthly users and 28 million social media followers.

8.  GeekWire

Launched in 2011, GeekWire is one of the most followed and innovative tech blogs in the world. It attracts a large audience from all around the globe with its consistent content related to the latest tech news, expert analysis, and unique insights into the technology industry. Their exclusive tech events bring out similar minded tech enthusiasts to connect, learn, recruit, do business, and have fun with a wide cross-section of the tech community. They also have a membership program that includes some of the most respected figures in the technology community such as the top entrepreneurs, business leaders, and computer scientists.

9.  Futurism is the publishing arm of New York City’s independent media company that provides its visitors with latest tech news from every nook and cranny of the industry. Their mission is to bring its readers ‘the world, the news, products, and narratives of tomorrow and today.’ The site has more than three million unique visitors and 140 million video views monthly. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to get daily news and stories in your inbox every day.

10.  Engadget

Launched in 2004, Engadget is a source of latest technology news and reviews. Not just that, Engadget is also a leading global multimedia organization that not only covers tech news but also covers topics like gaming and entertainment. It also hosts the archives and expertise of early digital publishing players like ‘Joystiq’, ‘TUAW’, and ‘gdgt’. The site produces compelling videos, reviews, features, and breaking news about the people, products, and ideas shaping the world.

11.  Digital Trends

Digital trends is another one of the largest independent premium technology publishers in the world. It is an award-winning multimedia company that guides consumers to the best products and services available today. The website reaches an approximately 30 million people worldwide, has more than 6 million social followers, and interacts with more than 100 million people per month. The website covers topics related to computer gaming devices, lifestyle, music, cars, photography, and sometimes writes Apple news as well.

12.  Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon is an independent technology blog with the tagline ‘how hackers start their afternoons.’ It is one of the leading tech blogs to visit if one is interested in learning about coding, blockchain, and startups. With the contribution of over 7,000 writers and more than 200,000 readers reading their blog every day, Hacker Noon has become the voice of hackers all around the world.

13.  Android Authority

Android Authority is an independent online publication website and, as the name establishes, the authority on the world of Android and technology-related information. The website is visited by over 50 million technology enthusiasts and industry professionals from all around the world who rely on them for news, reviews, features and product recommendations. Their impressive content team includes experienced tech bloggers, device reviewers, video producers, journalists, and Android developers.

14.  VentureBeat

Launched in 2006, VentureBeat is a leading news source for latest tech innovations, news, and events. It provides a deep level of understanding required by business leaders to stay on top of breaking news. The website features articles that include artificial intelligence, machine learning, gaming, etc. VentureBeat is visited by around 12 million people across the globe. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to never miss a scoop or story!

15.  BGR

Boy Genius Report is a leading source for the latest news on consumer electronics and mobile technology. BGR is a one-stop-shop for analysts, industry executives, and gadget enthusiasts who follow the website regularly to get up to date and reliable tech news, early looks of unannounced smartphones, in-depth analyses, and product reviews on the Web.

16.  CNET

CNET is an American media website that reports on the latest consumer technology developments and highlights how technology interacts with our everyday lives. CNET’s dedicated global team works 24/7 to explore and explain the changing world around us. The company uses its wide reach to disperse the latest tech information, informative videos, product reviews, and buying guides via its website, apps, RSS feed, and other social media platforms.

17.  Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a tech blog solely meant for technologists and IT professionals. Launched in 1998, Ars Technica has earned a reputation for publishing trusted news sources for technology news, development of the latest scientific advancements, tech policy analysis, gadget reviews, etc. The website aims to provide detailed technical content in a fun and accessible way. Make sure to subscribe to their daily newsletter to never miss an update!

18.  Recode

Launched in 2014, Recode is a tech blog that focuses on technology and digital media news, and focusses on the businesses of Silicon Valley. The website also features articles related to reviews of new enterprises, consumer hardware, software, and also conducts original reports.

19.  MacRumors is a website focused on Mac and Apple-related news, rumors, and reports. Founded in 200, the tagline of MacRumors is ‘News and Rumors You Care About.’ The site also brags an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, and Macintosh platforms.

20.  TechRadar

TechRadar is a widely popular website that provides the latest news on tech products and helpful guides related to smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The website reviews different kinds of smartphone devices, mobiles as well as tablets. and also publishes articles on android related news, guides on the website. 

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