Putlocker Alternatives Sites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online Free

Humans are by nature, social animals. They crave social interaction and entertainment. Entertainment has been one of the major sources of recreation since ancient times. Humans always find one way or the other to entertain themselves, may it be sound, music, dance, or just an outing with friends. Recreational activities are necessary, as a means of stress relief. We all need a break from the harsh hectic world we live in once in a while. Entertainment is a means of bonding and creating memories as well. The means of entertainment have evolved greatly over time. The most recent sources are TV shows and movies. TV shows about varied topics such as crime, mystery, fiction, and romance have become popular among the younger generations as well as the older ones. In today’s world movies have become an important form of education as well as entertainment.

The consumer culture keeps changing greatly over time, by nature, as we can see a paradigm shift from the movie theatre culture to the convenient, stay-at-home culture popularised recently by the advent of media-services providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime. People nowadays display a lot of diversity in terms of interests in topics of interest as well. They are becoming more open to watching shows that are not in their native language. For example, Anime shows have evolved into a dedicated global viewership, millions of people watched a popular TV show called Narcos which is made in Spanish. Korean drama or K-Drama has become the talk of the town. Subtitles play an important role when it comes to movies and television shows due to the same reason. Another reason subtitles also come handy for people who face physical challenges. The representation of different classes, races and communities has also given rise to the number of viewers worldwide as it promotes inclusivity.

However, needless to say, the sources from where people watch these movies and TV shows are not always cost-effective. The age of inflation has made it difficult for people to afford even basic commodities such as food and clothing, let alone tertiary needs such as entertainment and recreation. Popular sites such as Netflix, Amazon prime and HotStar provide these services, but they happen to be quite expensive for many.

This thirst for entertainment has given rise to the development of Putlocker. Putlocker is a website where one can watch and stream movies, television shows and much more for free. It was widely used by the public at first. Made public in 2011, the site instantly became one of the most popular websites in the UK. However, in 2016 the high court blocked this website, disappointing millions. Nonetheless, Putlocker was hosted on the internet with a new domain a few times but those were taken down as well. Many people have come up with Putlocker alternatives which are quite commendable. From movies to shows, about doctors to drugs, romance to obsession and thrillers to sitcoms, these sites have it all.

Be it the latest episode of Game of Thrones, or be it the evergreen F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the Indian audience does not want to miss out on a single episode. These websites have brought  the world of entertainment media into one’s smartphone.

Here are some best Putlocker Alternatives Sites to Watch Bollywood Movies Online 


Websites such as putlocker.kz, putlockerHD.cc, putlocker.onl, etc are very similar to the original website. They have quite comfortable User Interfaces and are easy to use. One can download and stream movies conveniently as well. The movies are segregated systematically according to genre and country which makes your search easier.

Putlocker.cz is the most popular by far which is used widely and one can choose from many categories and genres such as Drama, Romance, Thriller, Horror, History, Biopics, Documentaries, etc. it very good Putlocker Alternatives Site to Watch Bollywood Movies


Putlocker lovers can get used to Solarmovies.fm Solarmovies.fm it is very similar to Putlocker. It also has  options identical to ones available on putlocker. The design and UI of this site is much better. It also allows you to create a watchlist of your favourite TV shows and movies. This website, like the Putlocker, allows access to the shows that are broadcasted worldwide. Users can also make requests for additions to this site.


Even though it has an unusual name, this site has a plethora of content that one can never get tired of. The hot and trending movies appear on the home page which allows the user to know about the ongoing cinema trends.


This site has a very smooth design. It is much better looking than the other sites, however, it does not host any content on its own site, rather it redirects you to a third party, so you need not worry about any legal issues. This site is well known for its streaming of Asian drama and anime.


The interface of this site is relatively good and comparatively reliable. This is an in-depth site, just like Putlocker. Fmovies also has a larger database for Hollywood movies. However, sometimes it is a bit difficult to watch movies during peak usage hours due to server overload.

POPCORNFLIX is also called Putlocker Alternatives

Popcornflix is the ideal site for all cinephiles due to its enormous database of millions of movies to choose from, which are available in high definition in their primary language. It is a must-know site for all popcorn and film lovers out there! Though, it would be advisable to use this site while using VPN to avoid any kind of trouble.


A play of words on the previous one, popcorntime is one of the highest-rated sites used by people to watch their favourite shows. The catch here is that one must download the Popcorntime app to make use of it. The android app is available on the Google Play store.


The greatest advantage of Los Movies is their content. They have so many options, so many movies and shows, it is incredible. They never run out of shows that would be perfect for you to pass a boring Sunday afternoon. One of the disadvantages of this site would be the number of pop-up ads which can sometimes be bothersom. But no worries! This problem can be avoided by using an ad pop-up blocker.


A close counterpart to the website discussed previously, Niter has a similar look and feel to that of Netflix to watch Bollywood movies which makes it so special. The number of pop-up ads that appear on this site is also comparatively much lesser.


Sockshare is one of the lesser-known sites on the internet, but that does not put doubt on the size of it’s content. They also hold great amount of Hindi TV shows and movies, which might interest the Hindi speaking population all over the world. Negative points about this site would be the look and the way in which it’s UI runs. Users will most likely need a VPN connection to access this website.

Besides these websites and portals, there are plenty of other Putlocker Alternatives for streaming and downloading TV shows and movies online easily. They have developed a large user base and a fan base which has helped form a strong worldwide community. These websites are at a constant threat of being banned or taken down by the government at all times. Many a time, the sites are actually taken down due to piracy and other legal issues. However, this does not stop the fan bases to create proxy sites and mirror sites easily, which appear back into the internet within no time.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, log onto the internet and free flix and chill!

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