Marketing via Social Networking Sites

There’s no doubt that getting the word out about an idea, a product, or a service is much simpler when you can rely on social networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter, and use WhatsApp to connect with your customers thus, promote your business digitally; and without spending much on advertising. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter help people cultivate a community of friends and followers; and share information with their customers. They provide people the easiest way to share ideas, content and thoughts online. You can use text, audio, video and images to add emphasis to your business ideas, products and services. You can use Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp as tools to directly communicate with your buyers, as often as you want to. You can create a Facebook page for your brand, or create a Facebook group of your most valued customers and connect with them on a personal level to increase your sales.

Twitter is the best medium to express your views and opinions, and at the same time get feedback from your customers about your services and products. The key to promoting your business is understanding what people want, and offering them exactly the same thing. People often take to Twitter to criticize or praise the products that they use. You can let your product reach a large consumer base through twitter. Just see how every mirror selfie once showed iPhone and sidetracked the person posting the selfie? WhatsApp groups can also provide special service to elite customers of certain products and services. But, most importantly they are used to resolve any kind of queries or complaints that the users of a certain product or service face. Popular banks like HDFC, PVR Cinemas, and other brands are now providing WhatsApp support services to expand their business by delivering great customer service experience. You can never go wrong with the use of providing good online services to your target audience when you’re trying to boost your business.

Retweets of the popular posts about your products or services can greatly highlight and advertise your brand name. Whether your brand earns a good reputation or becomes notoriously known depends on the quality of the services or products that are being offered to your customers. Good reputation of your brand will help you increase the productivity of your business because you will then have better chances of retaining your old customers, and also, building new customers. Facebook groups, and also, WhatsApp groups expand as a product’s popularity increases. For example, as Iron Man, the 2008 movie became a success through online distribution and advertising, people tweeted about Tony Stark and discussed its differences from the original comic series in Facebook groups. Now, in 2019 it is common for people to use WhatsApp to express their views about the movie in groups and through their statuses. Thus, the already popular fan base of Marvel movies expanded manifolds and people who did not have that much interest in Marvel movies initially were drawn to theatres like moths to a flame.

If you have not properly utilized the power of social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, then you have committed a blunder in business. Now is the time to make the right move and begin. The first problem that brands new to social networking sites encounter is that their initial number of followers doesn’t increase exponentially, making them shift their focus to traditional methods of advertising. It must not be forgotten that though it does take some time for a new brand to establish itself in the market; and that gaining followers is a slow process especially in the initial phase; a good product backed up with good Facebook blogs, tweets and good services to customers offered through WhatsApp will build a good follower base in some time. Social media like Facebook offer immediacy, freedom to be who you are, the opportunity to meet others who are similar, and to have a place to fit in. People watch what’s happening on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and enjoy the memes being circulated about certain products and this way, that ‘thing’ gains the best kind of advertisement.

Companies develop and refine their products or services based on feedback from customers. Now, it’s possible that a customer who just brought a Maruti or Hyundai car can give feedback to those brands about the products they are selling. But what will happen if say, “PurpleDiva”, a rather unknown brand is selling great traditional dresses about which its customers are unable to find any major exclusive store where they can give their feedbacks. In such a situation, when a brand or product is new to the market, or is trying to expand itself, it is advisable that the brand should turn to using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Does your brand talk in the language of your target audience? If not, you have to connect with them through these social media tools and really understand what is it that you can offer to your customers that may help them feel connected to you.

If a hundred people tweet about you, or post about you on their Facebook pages, or circulate messages about your product on WhatsApp, that’s amazing. You’re reaching people, which was the point of seeking media attention in the first place, right? I say, no business can ever be built without customers; good customers always lead to more customers; more customers are always good for business, and the best way to get more customers in the social media generation is to be on it. The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whats-’App’ is phenomenal. Why? Because you can get your information out to multiple audiences very quickly. Facebook has taken off as an online tool for businesspeople to connect to communities and to customers directly. Brands use Twitter to keep their followers updated about new products. If you want to use WhatsApp for marketing you have to put yourself out there as an interested member of the community. The key to promoting your business is promoting it on the digital platform; use it and see your business grow every day.

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