List of Top 20 Superhit Bollywood Movies to Watch on Netflix

Bollywood, dhamaka, masala, all are synonymous in the Indian dictionary. Every Friday bolly lovers go to the cinema religiously as a bhakt goes to the temple. On top of that, it is utterly a cherry on the cake for the cinephiles to just sit at home, Netflix and chill. All the crazy movie-buffs shall find it edgy to get recommendations to binge-watch their favorite Bollywood movies. From adding the old favorites to creating new originals, Netflix, an exclusive streaming service, has come a long way. At home, at the office, on trips, tired of boredom, Netflix has got you covered. Very frankly, this isn’t an endorsement to the service but a pure opinion from an avid viewer. Having said that, we take the liberty to list some of the best Bollywood movies to watch on Netflix that have created much hype among the viewers.

The Sky is Pink

Inspiring, heartwarming, funny, relatable, all rolled into one! Metaphorically, the sky is not just pink, it is all the colors one could connect emotion with. The phenomenal, heart-wrenching real-life story of the Chaudhary’s is a stirring watch for all the people who think their life is a mess and for all the people seeking for inspiration. Your heart almost goes outpost the revelation of a huge diagnosis that figuratively shakes up the whole equilibrium of the family. It is absolutely inspiring seeing the Chaudhary’s dealing with the situation and accepting their fate. ‘Sky is Pink’ is definitely one of the must-watch Bollywood movies of 2019-2020.

Kabir Singh

The raw, rustic and realistic. Kabir Singh, although caused rage among all the ‘feminists’ for its male chauvinism, the overall movie turned out to be a great show. Interestingly, it is a deviation from all the stereotypical bolly drama romance, that took the public attention. Not to forget, the songs of the movie are just fine enough to take you back to your college memory lane of unlimited banter and romance.

Black Friday

A rather thought-provoking and gripping movie, highly captivating yet underrated. People claim it to be the epitome of Indian filmmaking. It is one of the top 10 Bollywood movies of all time. The honest depiction of such a sensitive topic is rare. Overwhelmingly real, the movie portrays the 1993 Mumbai attacks and how the perpetrators are disclosed one by one to face their consequences. The cinematic work is frighteningly dark.


Intensely conveys a good social message on the feudal and male chauvinistic mindset of a majority of Indian society. The deep-set prejudices, unmistakable male chauvanism and outright injustice that women have to face daily are truly miserable. Taapsee Pannu successfully convinced the audience by her skills and stimulated thoughtful consideration in the audience.


An extraordinary real-life story that is enjoyable and meaningful. Padman is a strong and engaging film that makes women question all the do’s and don’ts’ around a natural monthly process of the women’s body. Menstruation, menstrual hygiene is a taboo that people feel disgusted talking about. Making a film and acting on it, deserves a hats off.


Full total vasool type movie which is inspiring and has memorable characters. The creation of two sporting champions with adequate thrill and humor is a solid, satisfying film. Aamir Khan hits the box office with another emotional masterpiece. While watching the film, it is quite evident each character has gone miles to play their respective roles. Not only does the intonation in the acting is brilliant, but the physical appearance is also transformative and commendable.

The Lunchbox

The plot of the movie surely will stick to your mind like a mango hair to the molars or cardamom taste to the mouth. A mixed-up lunch delivery caused interesting consequences and accelerated the whole movie forward. The movie is charming and whimsical, almost being a feast to the eyes.

A Wednesday

Needless to say, an intelligent movie is the need of the hour and here is one. Great plot with sufficient plot twists and an excellent screenplay. It’s a film whose charm lies in the fact without giving away too much about the film, it is a great movie without any impressions.


Suspense, revenge drama with a clever plot and intense twists. You will surely be on the edge of your seats throughout the movie. And of course, it’s Taapsee Pannu again making all her films spellbound and unmissable.


One of the best Bollywood movies of 2019, undoubtedly. A dark, intelligent, suspenseful movie where Ayushmann Khurrana never ceased to be at the top of his game. Advice: watch the movie with your ears, eyes and minds open. You will come away with your senses heightened. There is always a feeling of extreme excitement and a gush of energy throughout the movie.


A clever, gripping, promising murder mystery with an absolutely amazing ending. Critics review the movie as an unblemished humdinger. Ajay Devgn totally slays throughout the movie portraying a strong, protective, father figure.


A captivating crime thriller with some amazing songs. The movie gives a glimpse of being patriotic but it’s not. At least, most of the part is not. Akshay Kumar looka dapper, though. Guess, that is what really matters to all the ‘Akki’fans.


Ugly is the most underrated, rare gem of Indian cinema with an outstanding plot. Ronit Roy, a natural, plays a cop and is unstoppable when it comes to impressing his audience. The nail-biting suspense and thrill in the movie keep us watching it till the end.


Kangana Ranaut, with all her charm and charisma, steals the shows for the uncountable time in her Bollywood career. The movie is that kind that falls in ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam’ category so you watch it over and over again. There are also chances of self-betterment through the movie.

Madras Cafe

Simply John Abraham’s best work. A beautifully and brilliantly executed movie. The Bollywood political thriller has a screenplay that is crisp with a sinewy and riveting espionage thriller plot.

Special 26

What commendable teamwork! The movie is a full package of masala, drama, romance, songs. The direction and choreography that grips excite the audience with the climax.

Rang De Basanti

A Magnus quintessence project with memorable stories and characters. Flawless direction, acting, and music. Everything is great about the movie. Some scenes are jaw-dropping and will keep you at the edge of your seats.

Taare Zameen Par

Yet another hit of Aamir Khan. The kid-friendly, heart-warming movie conveys the message that every child is special. Inspirational, emotive, and entertaining. All in al, a magnificent film featuring Darsheel Safari portraying the magnificent abilities of unfortunate children. Safari did not let any of us down, for sure.


A realistic, inspiring, nostalgic movie with great songs, ‘Yun hi chala’, being one of them. Shahrukh Khan has this easy tendency to make each of his movies his audiences’ favorite. Swades went on to become a cult classic and still steals the hearts of many.

Dil Chahta Hai

The movie turned out to be undoubtedly way ahead of its time. The trio of Aamir, Saif and Akshay Khanna was super cool and definitely made us long for such friendships too. The movie was refreshing, fun and highly relatable. The songs, of course, are dope and will, unarguably, be played decades after decades.


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