How to Live an Intentional Life

We now live in a world that’s constantly changing. New stuff is coming out every single month. Stories are trending, gadgets that can almost replace humans are being invented…The world is moving so quickly that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up.

But the question is: Do we really have to keep up? This cycle of modernity doesn’t automatically mean improvement. It doesn’t mean that this must be our way of life. We must be guided by the fact that humans have existed for hundreds of years without these advancements, and I am willing to bet that we can continue living without them.

So how do we deal with such an environment that drags us to a world we do not want to be in? Simple. Live an intentional life. Chase happiness in your own terms. Do not be swayed by marketing tactics of today for you to enjoy living the life you want. Here are some things to do just that:

Be unapologetically you

The trendiest clothes might not be best for you. The newest phone app might not give you the same rush as others do. You might not even be convinced that now is the time to buy that brand new phone that people have been raving about all over social media. That is okay. You do you.

Don’t think that you’re obligated to follow the trend every single time. That doesn’t mean you’re antisocial. It just means you’re very aware of your own capacity and you know what to prioritize in life.

Collect memories, not possessions.

When was the last time you visited your relatives? When was the last time you surprised your special someone with a thoughtful note? These memories are much more valuable than the latest phones or even brand new clothes. Why? Because while memories fade, the feeling you experienced after doing a certain activity will definitely last.

Make more memories with the people you love. Stop wasting time streaming all day long. Your parents won’t be here forever; Your child will continue to grow as you age. So choose how to spend your time. Go back to the beach. Go on a hiking trip. Just try to make meaningful memories and every second will be worth it.

Nurture Nature

Perhaps the one thing that stayed through all these years amid the technological advancements is our beloved Mother Earth. But the sad truth is the state of our planet is not what it used to be. Ice caps have already melted considerably. Our forests have dwindled to 10 million hectares of land compared to the 16 million hectares in the 90s.

Fortunately, we don’t have to start becoming monks or living like a hermit for the rest of our lives to contribute positively to our environment. We can start by practicing zero-waste living, using fewer plastics, and switching to alternative energy. All of these methods are great for the environment but switching to alternative energy allows you to compare electricity rates to make sure you’re getting the cheapest and most sustainable option available. It doesn’t take much to do our share in saving our planet. We just have to start.

Develop Systems, Not Goals

Goals are dreams and aspirations, and they, of course, are all well in good. However, the problem with goals is that they’re all in the future tense. They may or may not happen depending on whether you can take the first step and become consistent with it. That’s why systems are better. If you want to make positive changes in your life, develop systems that will allow you to reach your goals.

Say No More Often

Intentionality does not just involve how we tackle our everyday challenges. It also includes choosing who to spend time with and what to spend it on. Saying no more often takes back our time and empowers us to live the lives we want. Say no to after-parties that you don’t want to go to. Say no to your relatives who are borrowing money you can’t really afford to spend. Just learn when to say no.

Living intentionally is not an easy task whatsoever. But by following these tips, you can be sure that you’re on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

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