Why There is a Clear Need For Building Regulations

In the construction industry there is a need for tight and well-managed building regulations. On a webinar last month, Dino Tomassetti Jr sent a message back to so many who say that building regulations were too tight, and explained exactly why there is a clear need for these types of restrictions. Dino, who has spent entire career in the construction industry, has just about seen everything that there is to be seen within this sector.



Safety and Security


The reason for the large majority of the rules that are in place is that they were in direct response to what has happened regarding construction workers and property owners in the past. We know more now than we ever have done regarding materials and techniques and sadly we had to see the worst side of things before there was change. You only need to look at things such as cladding which is placed on buildings, which was once considered to be an amazing cost saving piece of material which worked very well. Sadly we saw some horrendous fires as a result of this cladding and so this is now outlawed. Much like the rest of law, these rules come into place to prevent something happening and for the most part it is to prevent any injury or worse to those working on a construction, or those who live in a property.


Protection of Heritage


Around the world there is also building code which looks to protect the heritage of towns and cities. There are a number of reasons for doing this, some places rely on the look of the place for property prices or for tourism and many simply want keep the old traditions alive. You will find that there are some counties in England for example where you can’t use modern building techniques, or places like Marrakech where no building can be taller than the main mosque. These building regulations are there for the greater good of the environment.

Freedom of Choice


Another reason why these regulations exist and why many have to get planning permission when they do wish to erect something on their land is for the sake of those who live around the property. For many years residents had no control over the fact that their neighbors were building structures which infringed on their property or which blocked their view. The same can be said for residents who were forced to live through terrible noise and air pollution as a result of a building venture happening near them. The building code in this regard is there to protect those freedoms and ensure that any work which is carried out is done so within everyone’s best interests.


It is very clear that the regulations which have been put in place for construction have been done so that it keeps people safe and so that there is a clear way to manage the construction of new buildings.

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