Benefits of a 3D Mammogram In diagnosis of women & men breast cancer


The medical world relies on advancements in technology for so many reasons and one such reason is the early diagnosis of many diseases such as cancers. In fact we now know more than ever that every day is vital in the diagnosis of cancers and the earlier that it is diagnosed the greater the chance of survival is. It is for this reason why 3D mammograms are so vitally important in the assessment and the diagnosis of women and men who are suspected to have breast cancer and this technology is helping to save lives all over the world.

If you have any concerns about a lump in the breast then you should look for ‘3D mammogram near me’ go for Checkups. Here are a number of benefits of using this type of mammogram and here are just a few which you can expect.

Less False Positives

In terms of the big picture a false positive is actually a good result because although a patient will get a positive result, in the long term that will eventually be rectified. Nonetheless it is essential that we avoid these false positives as they can cause a great deal of distress and worry for the patient who gets that first result. 3D mammograms on the other hand show significantly less false positives and that means that our patents are able to get the right answer first time around.

Smaller Cancers Earlier

The 3D technology which is used in here is able to be more precise and look in greater depth at the breast and that enables us to spot smaller cancers earlier, as well as helping us to detect cancer in younger women. Generally speaking women who are younger have denser breasts and that can be difficult for a 2D mammogram to investigate fully. Using the 3D imaging however, cancer doctors are able to get a far clearer picture of what is going on and that can help them greatly in detecting cancers early.

Money Saving

This is actually a cost saving procedure for patients as 3D mammograms are generally covered by travel insurers. The reduction in call back is also something which is going to save time and money for the patient, not to mention any emotional distress. Finally even early diagnosis will cost less because treatment will be far simpler and far less invasive than if the cancer is caught late.

Ultimately this is yet another step in the right direction for beast cancer and for the advancement of technology within the medical field. Breast cancer is one of the success stories in the last 30 years and this disease which once killed so many is now considered as highly manageable and the mortality rate is lower than it has ever been. Again we see here how something as simple as 3D technology can be used for life saving in the medical world and that is why we have so many research facilities around the world looking to develop more and more breakthroughs which can help in both the detection and the treatment of diseases such as cancer.

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