Airport Shuttle Services and Other Means of Transferring From the Airport

The main reason for air pollution and ozone depletion globally, especially in the United States, is the burning of fossil fuel. In some areas, it’ll feel as if you are living in a chimney. People nowadays have chronic health issues due to the lack of breathable air. Moreover, airports are one of main sources of pollution as they park monstrous gas-guzzlers that emit tons of carbon every minute. Many environmentalists today don’t understand why people use personal transport at airports instead of an airport shuttle service.

Why We Need to Control Emissions

If we are not careful about the environment, do not reduce our carbon footprint and if we do not stop burning tons of fossil fuel every day, we might start ending up looking like Northern India where smoggy air becomes a part of the staple diet.

The government in Northern India introduced schemes that encourage the use of an airport shuttle service to minimize the number of personal cars on the streets, and the use of public transport to travel to and from destinations. This initiative will definitely counter the adverse environmental effects that people inhale the second they step outside.

In 2014, 78 % of the global warming emissions were from the burning of fossil fuel. If you’ve ever been to an airport, remember the smell of fuel the second you board or disembark from a plane? This is why it is really critical that we target airports first.

Today, nations across the world are starting to recognize the importance of car-pooling, that significantly reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. This is because places people are dying due to the choking hazards of smog in Northern India and this problem is slowly starting to replicate itself in many parts of the world.

Final Thoughts

As people become more accustomed to pollution, they tend to ignore the situation and may have a lower tendency to fight back. They do not realize the adverse health hazards are imminent. But initiatives must be taken to control the emissions through the development of green technology for a more sustainable, and a cleaner future. Altering simple life choice such as use of shared transport, proper disposal of waste, use of electric cars and recycling can go a long way to minimize the chances of persistent smog in the USA, like the one in Northern India.

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