5 Blockbuster Movies in 2019, how are they different from each other?

Are you a movie fan? Even if you are not, you are going to love watching these five movies. Here, is brief information about 5 movies in different genres, keeping the suspense up in case you have not already watched these. Now, no list of superhero movies can be complete without mentioning Marvel’s Avengers Endgame-the highest-grossing movie of all time. It is the best of superheroes coming together to beat the mighty Thanos. In a nearly impossible scenario where it just seems impossible to defeat Thanos, our very own Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Widow, Thor, Doctor Strange, accompanied by superheroes from all over the Marvel Cinematic Universe come together in the greatest, deadliest, and most enjoyable battle you could ever have ever seen. This movie has action, adventure and fantasy all brought to life like never before. It’s an absolute favorite. You will be swept in emotions, and love it 3000.

Next movie in the blockbuster list is Disney’s The Lion King, the musical live-action movie is the highest-grossing animated film ever made with a brilliant visual, musical and vocal performance. The story of Simba, the son of the King of the Jungle is so real that you could feel his pain, believe in the stars shining above him where his ancestors live and witness the beauty of the forests along with learning lessons in morality. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy, and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his. Although the movie has been criticized for being a shot-for-shot remake of Disney’s 1994 film, no child’s childhood can ever be complete without watching The Lion King. Disney’s The Lion King utilizes pioneering filmmaking techniques to bring treasured characters to life in a whole new way.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has the ultimate action based on ‘transports’, and the dialogue delivery, style, story all come to life as ‘Rock’ and ‘the Transporter’ come together to reprise their respective roles as Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw from the main Fast and Furious series. The action movie has some very interesting action and chasing scenes, and a great musical score. Vehicles crashing through glass panes, hand-to-hand fights and a villain who just won’t give up making the movie quite a good time pass. What makes the movie very interesting is how Deckard and Hobbs come together to save Shaw’s sister from a deadly virus, while otherwise, they would have just killed each other in a verbal or physical fight. Despite their apparent dislike for each other, it’s very hilarious, how they both are after all, so similar to each other.

Next in the list is Salman Khan’s movie Bharat based on the infamous India-Pakistan partition after British rule ended in India. It is a drama film based on the 2014 South Korean movie ‘Ode to My Father’. The movie was a commercial success and was shot in Abu Dhabi, Spain, Malta, and India. It has a great appeal in its portrayal of the life of an ordinary man. Though some critics have stated that the movie appears to be too long at times, its desi music has the power to make you want to shake your legs, and so, the movie retains its continuous excitement even when emotional scenes seem to drag it. The movie is value for entertainment and its dialogue delivery is appreciable. What makes the movie a must-watch is its depiction of India in its post-independence period as ‘Bharat’ tells the story of his life from the age of 8 to 70.

After watching a great superhero movie, music, an action film, and a drama movie, a psychological thriller is exactly what you need. American psychological thriller Joker is a critically acclaimed movie, highly praised for the performance given by Joaquin Phoenix who played the character from The Batman series. A trail of bloodied footprints, the smiling face of the Joker, the dark tone and a new perspective of looking at Batman’s principal villain make the movie very interesting to watch. While it seems so easy to label the Joker as a villain in the DC movies, Joker raises humanistic concerns about real-life violence and actually makes you think. The story of a man disregarded by society is disturbing and cautionary. If you believe in fairy tales, you might be disappointed because this movie is not about any clown, nor does it have the humor to sustain. If you love intellectual character developments and have the guts to view the realities of life, this movie is for you.

Now, these movies are all very different from each other, in their genres, popularity, characterization, production scale and marketing strategy, as well as having very different fan bases. What they share is a great artistic quality, cinematography, and most importantly entertainment value. The unforgettable moments from Avengers Endgame are being watched and rewatched, tweeted, parodied, discussed, and what not with the power equalling a cult phenomenon. The Lion King is a classic. Hobbs & Shaw gives you just the feel of watching some very authentic action sequences. Bharat is a truly Indian movie in every respect, and you must watch it if you want to keep up with the songs that are played in every Indian wedding. Joker is a very refreshing, one of a kind movie; it’s a good choice for those who are sick of watching the very similar-looking, predictable movies. Now that you have a list of good movies to look out for, just grab some popcorn, dim the lights and watch them in your home theatre to have a fun-filled weekend.

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