10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons online Free

We all need a break from our lives now and then. It gets monotonous and stressful at the same time for us. What can we do that is fun and doesn’t empty our pockets? T.V series? Yes, but sometimes after a while, they seem too plain to watch. How about cartoons? Cartoons are entertaining and full of life. They can make you happy and nostalgic when life starts taking a toll on you.

KissCartoon.com is the most favorite and popular website for watching cartoons online.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons Online

Here are some alternative sites where you can enjoy a variety of cartoons at the price of no cost.


AnimaRhino offers a great assortment of Cartoons and Animes. Their genres include romance, horror, thriller, drama, comedy, etc. This site will help you download your favorite cartoons and watch them offline. The website works smoothly and has a good interface, which makes it a fabulous alternative to KissCartoon.

URL: http://website.informer.com/visit?domain=animerhino.com

KimCartoon is good KissCartoon Alternatives

KimCartoon blows our mind not only with its well-completed plan but also with the great variety of cartoons it offers, which includes everything from such timeless masterpieces like The Tom and Jerry Show and Scooby-Doo to cartoons that have been released just a few days ago.

URL: kimcartoon.to


Toonova is a very attractive website. To begin with, the site uploads new episodes of the cartoons in a little while after they’re released, so even obstinate cartoon fans who resist waiting longer than necessary should give it a go. Plus, Toonova presents multiple links for most episodes, so availability is not an issue for the viewers.

URL: http://www.toonova.net/


CartoonExtra is more entertaining. This impeccable online streaming site has all famous cartoons, and it also highlights a great compilation of the latest movies and comics. Currently, the most famous cartoons on CartoonExtra include SpongeBob SquarePants, Blue’s Clue, Looney Tunes, Ricky & Morty, and so many more.

URL: http://cartoonextra.in/


This website has an extremely simple layout. It is a troublesome task to find popular cartoons and categories. Nevertheless, it’s a great website. You can either scan through 300+ pages long catalogue or search for a specific cartoon using the search bar.

URL: https://watchcartoonsonline.biz

DisneyNow Alternative of KissCartoon

DisneyNow is an amazing website to watch Disney cartoons and shows for both children and teenagers. It not only has Disney cartoons and movies, but also games based on the famous Disney characters. It is an add-free website and also a great place to watch cartoons in High Definition.

URL: https://disneynow.com/


A2Z is a website where you can find numerous dubbed cartoons and animes. Also, they have foreign language cartoons with subtitles. Not only is this website free, but the episodes can be downloaded as well. The distinctive feature of this website is its chat option.

URL: https://a2zanime.com/


ToonGet is a wondrous website. It also has an application for android users. What makes this website different is the ‘Surprise’ Tab. By clicking on this tab, it arbitrary plays any cartoon or anime. Whenever you don’t have anything to watch online you can use that app.

URL: http://www.toonget.net/cartoon-genre/Cartoon

Cartoons On

The website is updated daily. The programs listed on this website are unending. You will nevermore find yourself uninterested while streaming cartoons on this site. This site extends a separate category of cartoons and anime like Adventure, Family, Action, Comedy, etc.

URL: https://www.cartoonson.net/


With a magnificent look and engaging plan, the website is unusual from others in the list. Furthermore, the site maintains 360p, 480p, 1080p videos. This is a good source to watch cartoons online free of cost

URL: https://www1.cartooncrazy.net/

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