Everything You Need to Know About Adhesive Dispensing Technology

Advancements in manufacturing technology occur regularly. It’s important to remain updated on equipment improvements to ensure your production process continually excels.

Learn everything you need to know about adhesive dispensing technology to understand the process, equipment, and benefits involved.

What is Adhesive Dispensing Technology?

Adhesive dispensing technology is a device used to mix and apply adhesives. Dispensing technology is integrated into the manufacturing process to bond two or more components together.

Substances produced and implemented with adhesive dispensing technology include glues, resins, pastes, putties, silicones, and cement. The ability to use numerous  adhesives diversifies the industries and products impacted by dispensing technology.

Adhesive dispensing equipment comes in a variety of sizes and styles depending on a manufacturer’s needs.

When using adhesive dispensing technology, it’s important to pay attention to the media viscosity, dispensing rate, curing time, curing temperature, metering accuracy, size of container or cavity, and volumetric quantity.

Understanding the basic concept of adhesive dispensing technology assists you in grasping the differences in dispensing systems and equipment used for various industries.

Dispensing Systems

Primarily, there are three classifications of dispensing systems: Mix, meter, and dispensing systems; hot melt dispensing systems; and micro-dispensing systems.

Mix, meter, and dispensing systems allow you to mix a certain amount of two or more materials before or during the dispensing cycle.

Hot melt dispensing systems melt solids into a dispensable liquid and dispense the substance onto the intended material.

Micro-dispensing systems are designed to dispense an extremely small and precise amount of liquid.

Mainly, adhesive dispensing machines utilized during the manufacturing production process are mix, meter, and dispensing systems.

Learning the differences between dispensing systems helps you select the ideal machine for your manufacturing business. 

Essential Equipment

As previously mentioned, dispensing equipment is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles depending on the needs of the manufacturer.

The two main types of dispensing equipment to choose from are manual and automated dispensing machines.

Manual adhesive dispensing machines are completely controlled by operators. Generally, manual applicators are utilized for smaller scale projects. Manual dispensers are cheaper than automated dispensers, but the results lack consistency related to the amount and placement of adhesives.

Automated adhesive dispensing machines are programmable devices powered by air or electricity. Typically, automated applicators are required for larger projects and production volumes. Automated dispensers are more expensive than manual options, but they tend to be more cost effective due to the saved time, reduced manpower, and accurate results they produce.

Learn the difference between manual and automated adhesive dispensers to find the ideal option for the size of your project or production process.

Industry Applications

Adhesive dispensing technology has transformed multiple manufacturers and industries. As the essential advantages become more apparent, an increasing number of businesses are discovering methods for implementing dispensing machines into their production process.

Types of industries impacted by dispensing technology include electronics, construction, automotive, packaging, industrial, lamination, woodworking, and transportation.

By increasing production speeds and product quality, adhesive dispensing technology has become an integral part of the manufacturing business.

Recognize the industry improvements and advancements made by adhesive dispensing technology.

Benefits of Adhesive Dispensing Technology

Adhesive dispensing technology provides numerous advantages for manufacturers. As more industries implement dispensing technology, the wide-spread benefits continually increase.

If you’re unsure whether adhesive dispensing equipment will prove advantageous, evaluate the benefits to discover the incredible improvements the technology will offer for your production process.

Benefits of adhesive dispensing technology include eco-friendly effects, saving money, increasing production speeds, providing consistent results, and offering an easy learning process.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Adhesive dispensing technology was created with an eco-friendly focus.

Due to the precise applications and minimal need for supervision, a manufacturer’s carbon footprint is reduced by conserving materials and limiting human resources.

Dispensing equipment is offered in manual and automated machines, meaning the more environmentally-conscious manufacturer can select the manual option to consume even less energy.

Adhesive dispensing equipment benefits the environment by reducing material and energy usage.

Saves Money

Adhesive dispensing technology saves manufacturers a substantial amount of money.

Dispensing equipment is incredibly reliable and efficient, meaning you’ll decrease production costs.

Dispensing machines also require minimal manpower, resulting in paying less workers.

The initial cost of dispensing technology may be expensive, but the overall value is more cost efficient than other dispensing options.

Increases Speeds

Significantly increase production speeds with adhesive dispensing technology.

Speed is essential for mass-producing products in a timely manner.

Dispensing equipment automatically dispenses adhesives to operate efficiently while saving you valuable time and energy. Additionally, certain models dispense multiple shots of adhesive at once to conserve even more time.

Elevate the production process by incorporating speed-enhancing dispensing equipment.

Provides Consistency

Adhesive dispensing technology provides consistent results every single time.

By emphasizing accuracy, manufacturers please customers due to the quality products produced.

Dispensing equipment applies the exact amount of adhesive needed in the correct location without fail.

Produce high-quality and consistent products by integrating adhesive dispensing technology into your manufacturing business.

Easy Learning Process

Adhesive dispensing technology is intuitively built to simplify the learning process.

Learning operating procedures and techniques is easy, meaning your production is never hindered by a lengthy training session. Your employees will be unafraid of learning the new technology due to the simple process.

Dispensing technology requires minimal manpower and knowledge, if any, to function.

Finding a Quality Adhesive Dispensing Machine

If you’re convinced you need adhesive dispensing technology, find quality equipment to ensure you reap the maximum benefits.

Assess numerous factors to locate a top-notch adhesive dispensing machine for your business including:

  • Who manufactured the equipment?
  • What type of dispensing machine do you require?
  • How do you intend to operate the technology?
  • How would you rate the quality and life expectancy of your potential equipment?
  • How will you test your technology?
  • What maintenance is required for the dispensing machine?

Consider an adhesive dispensing machine by bdtronic to guarantee you receive quality equipment that’ll benefit your business.

Find a quality adhesive dispensing machine to integrate into your production process.

Learn everything you need to know about adhesive dispensing technology to understand the advantages it offers your manufacturing industry.

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